Editor’s Picks: 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It’s here, friends! Early Access for the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially live!

[Oh hey: Even if you aren’t a Nordstrom cardholder yet, you CAN shop Early Access today. Just sign up for the Nordstrom debit card: it’s free, takes 5 minutes and your purchases come right out of your checking account. I know, I know…hoops to jump through. What can I say? Life’s full of hard things.]

Now that that’s handled, let’s get right to my picks for this year! The images are all clickable – technology, yo! – but be sure to read the text too…there was SO MUCH good stuff this year that I couldn’t include pics of everything I loved without crashing your computers. Here we go!

I’m always a little wary of “showstopper” pieces in the Sale, because those are the pieces that you’ll wear to work, only to find your assistant bought the exact same thing. But, I’m craving a statement coat something fierce this year, and those plaids are calling my name. If you’re in the market for a cardi coat, I’d opt for the Eileen Fisher windowpane over the Vince striped version you’ll be tempted to get. It’s more versatile, a bit lighter weight, and much less likely to be ubiquitous come September. Now, that Vince shearling coat, on the other hand? That’s a showstopper worth investing in.

Basics, on the other hand, I’ll buy by the dozen. This year, the Sale’s chock full of staples you’ll live in this fall. There’s so much great denim, I can’t even stand it, plus a few great, easy black skirts – a classic knee-length A-line that’s a steal, and a fantastic ponte Eileen Fisher pencil option. I didn’t love the Vince wide-leg trousers, but I do quite like the DVF version. And that Equipment turtleneck might be called a “minidress”, but we all know it’s a tunic (also known as a perfect excuse to wear leggings to work). Great layering tees, and that little Halogen cardigan? It might not look exciting, but it’s 100% merino wool and $50, so the only debate is how many different colors you can get away with owning. The Pleione “vegan silk” top I recommend every year has been ruined by the addition of a jersey back, so skip it and get the sleeveless Halogen version instead. Last but not least, that Eileen Fisher midi sheath dress is a wardrobe workhorse waiting to happen.

Last year, all I wanted was a decent pair of boots from the Sale, and I was bitterly disappointed. This year, they’re making up for it, big time. I know you guys always get excited about the offerings from Frye, so that Melissa tall boot is going to make you very happy.  The Vince Hallie is a winner, and I’m also digging those tasseled Rag & Bone Margots and the Dolce Vita Sierra (a great budget option). Since I’m going to London later this year, the Aquatalia Farin‘s low, walkable heel and waterproofness is a no-brainer. I’m so not a heels girl, but if I were, the Joie Pippi is awfully fun, yet still versatile. For those of you who are always asking me what boots to wear with tights & skirts, the answer is the Via Spiga Silvie. And I know you’ve been looking for a decent pair of streamlined black sneakers, and the Nike Air Max and those awesome textured Vans are the answer.

Beauty is a very personal business, of course. If there’s a brand you love, you should buy whatever special set they’ve cooked up for the Sale because it’s usually amazing. I’m partial to that Bobbi Brown set, which is a helluva deal and packed with things you’ll actually use. Ditto for the Charlotte Tilbury set, a new-ish line I’ve been dying to test out. The Jo Malone and Diptyque sets would make perfect holiday gifts if you’re inclined to be that organized. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a T3 hairdryer on sale, so jump on that bad boy if yours is ready for retirement.

One of my favorite things about the Sale is the excuse to stock up on essentials. New leggings and new bras – I get pretty excited about anything from Natori or Chantelle in the Sale. Probably new undies and socks too, while we’re at it. Hanky Pankys as always, of course, but I was very happy to see these micromodal briefs and my all-time fave Smartwool no-show socks in the Sale this year – I’ll be buying stock. (And PS, you should be replacing, not adding to, the older ones in the pile.) I’ve historically been a fan of the Zella leggings (loving this year’s new straight-leg style), but last year’s were icky inferior, so I’m recommending with reservations…and will probably buy these from Brooks as a backup.

Accessories are a little weak this year, but there are a few necklaces you’ll get quite a bit of mileage out of, particularly that Argento Vivo circle collar necklace I know you love but are scared to buy. Do it! Pieces like that are the little things that make an outfit. The handbags this year aren’t bowling me over, but that leopard number from Vince Camuto is pretty darn fun, and the price is fantastic. I’m also crushing pretty hard on this Max Mara scarf, which is neutral enough to go with everything, yet somehow not at all boring.

Now comes the part I love best: what did you buy? Tell me in the comments – you guys always find a few great things I missed, so dish!


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6 comments on “Editor’s Picks: 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  1. Kendra

    Fun picks! I’m feeling the various booties and sweaters, mostly. I ordered some basics this morning, bras and socks, and plan to go try on a bunch of stuff tomorrow if I can duck out a little early from work.

    For work wear, I like the Halogen blouse in blue, possibly this Vince Camuto shell and this top, and this jacket. I’ve been in a jeans rut so hope to find a new pair or two.

    The Hallie booties were only showing on the website in black leather earlier, but as I was pasting in the link I noticed the limestone suede are there now too. Both are pretty cute!

    Based on your dressing room reporting, I’ll be checking out the burgundy Sarto booties too!

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    A, you totally need that ring. Baby-proof jewelry is a win! I also feel like you should have found a pair of boots or two, no?

    Kendra, I love all of your picks! That Vince Camuto shell is really cute & so versatile!

  3. Kendra

    Reporting back: the Sarto booties are adorable! I was wearing trouser socks when I tried them on and my usual size fit well. The Vince Camuto shell was gorgeous (despite looking really boxy on the hanger) but I was definitely between sizes. If I get back in store during the sale, I’ll see if the larger size could be altered but I didn’t have time to do that Friday. The other top wasn’t in store so I ordered that. I did try on the ruched, v-neck version but it wasn’t right for me. The Halogen cardigan is great. Lots of jeans in transit to me so I hope a few fit well! I have completely embraced your “order now, edit later” mantra. It just makes SENSE!

  4. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Kendra: Aren’t those boots great?! Such a steal too! I hope you find your perfect jeans…that’s always one of my go-to missions during the Sale. And here’s to “buy now, edit later!” So much easier to just have everything all together in one spot, so you can really see what you need and what you don’t.

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