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a very very merry

happy holidays a very very merry

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This morning, I’m getting ready for a Christmas cookie-decorating date with two of my favorite little munchkins. Being a person who prefers “Favorite Aunt” status to “Mom” status, I can tell you there are few things I enjoy more than borrowing my friends’ children for a few hours, loading them up with sugar and sparkly shoes, then sending them home to crash and burn on my friends’ time.

Before I tie on my apron and bust out my 15 varieties of red and green sprinkles (Favorite Aunt status has to be earned, friends), I wanted to officially “clock out” for the season. There’s something so mentally freeing about this last post I do at the end of each year. It lets me know I can finally stop worrying, stop constantly scouting the world around me for “perfect” gift ideas, and trust that I’ve already given you the very best I have to offer up this holiday season.

It also forces me to take a few moments to reflect on the year. I’ve been feeling an almost Herculean “less is more” pull all year, but this holiday season it’s really come to the forefront. All that hustle and bustle, mall parking and express shipping…it is just so completely not what the holidays are about. But of course, it’s a necessary evil. A means to an end. I get it. I don’t love it, but I get it.

My wish for you this holiday is that you find a moment just for yourself. Just one – somewhere amid the madness of family and friends and baking and gift wrapping and shipping and decorating. To sit quietly with a mug of tea or a glass of wine, to look around, and to enjoy some of that beauty the holiday season brings. It may be buried under the piles of tangled ribbon, catalogs and ornament storage boxes, but I promise you, it’s there.

Before I go, friends, I want to give you a big bear hug from the bottom of my heart. Yes, you. For showing up. For leaving comments (or not). For clicking those annoying affiliate links and ads so I can actually afford the fees to keep this site running. For following me on social media (I lost a big ol’ pile of followers in the Great Spam Purge over at Instagram this month, and though I know it makes me a shallow human being, I have to confess: it broke my heart a little. So, if you feel like getting me a gift, click “follow“, will you?). And for just being your wonderful, irreverent, funny, clever, doing-your-best-to-make-it-each-day self. You have no idea how much it means to me to know we’re in this together.

And if you really find yourself getting lost, as we all do at least once before Christmas, re-read this. It’s always good for rekindling a dying Christmas spirit. (As is a swig of highly-sauced eggnog, but it’s less socially acceptable before breakfast.)

Wishing you a holiday filled with beauty, friendly faces and love,

(PS – If you want to know when I’m back from my holiday hideout, Bloglovin’ or Feedly or something is a good option. Or, you know, refresh the page 10 times a day in anxious anticipation. Either way.)

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even more gift guide goodness

Friends, I hope you’ve loved each and every gift guide we concocted this year. I may be biased, but I know I’ve gotten just about all of my shopping done after going through them all.

But just in case you’re still holding out for one great pick for someone on your list (or for yourself), don’t fret – I’ve been pinning up a storm this holiday season, and my Get Gifting board on Pinterest is jam-packed with ideas. (And then there’s the matter of my Dear Santa board, which is piled high with everything I’m hoping to find under my own tree. Because I’m sure Santa’s social-media-savvy.)

Just in case you can’t be bothered to click through, that handy-dandy little widget will keep updating with my latest finds…so check back as often as Santa will let you.

Follow Shopping’s My Cardio’s board Get Gifting on Pinterest.

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Gift Guide: The Men

men gift guide2 Gift Guide: The Men

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Everyone knows that men are notoriously difficult to shop for. But this year, we’ve got you covered with a men’s gift guide jam-packed with creative, no-brainer ideas for the guys in your life. Whether it’s your spouse, brother, boyfriend, father, grandpa or son, there is sure to be something here that they would love to receive more than that neck tie you’ve had your eye on. Read on

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beauty buzz: current faves

10747900 543230652478418 528413138 n beauty buzz: current faves

I’ve been so happy with my skincare drill these days, I thought it was high time I shared. Those Mario Badescu goods are amazing – not a hint of my formerly desert-dry skin, and such a great price point. The 3Lab Aqua BB is actual magic, as is the Darphin eye cream. And the MD Solar Science is the only retinol that doesn’t irritate my skin.
Shop them all right here (yes, there’s a quick email signup involved, but then you won’t forget what you were excited to try…plus, you can always click “unsubscribe” right away).

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a currently coveting compendium


Lately, it seems my Pinterest boards runneth over with goodies I (at least momentarily) can’t live without. Quite possibly, all of this way-too-early holiday business has seeped into my subconscious and I’m formulating lists for Santa against my will. Whatever the reason, in no particular order, and with zero rhyme and reason, I thought I’d share a few things I can’t get over this week. Read on

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worthy splurge: inhabit fall 2014

inhabit fall 2014 worthy splurge: inhabit fall 2014

The two worthiest splurges in my fall wardrobe, both from Inhabit: 1 | 2

Buy less, splurge more. I’m trying hard to make this my new mantra…not because I’ve recently come into a pot of gold or anything, but because I really think there’s value in reminding myself that if I can resist buying every “bargain” pair of jeans that crosses my path (which then sits unworn in the hilariously-overgrown stacks of denim in my closet) and instead buy the one pair I’ve been ogling all along, I’d probably end up saving money. best cashmere sweater

I’m finding this little allegory particularly true when it comes to my sweaters. Every bargain bin sweater I’ve nabbed over the years just languishes at the bottom of my drawer in a big old pile of retail regret. They pill, they snag, they lose their shape…I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that cheap sweaters just make me sad. Read on

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