let’s chat! nordstrom anniversary sale scores

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Happy Friday, friends! Or, perhaps more importantly, Happy-First-Day-of-the-Nordstrom-Anniversary-Sale for those of you who couldn’t shop Early Access. Now that everyone‘s getting their shop on, I thought we’d try something new this weekend. How about we chat in the comments about all of the goodies you nabbed in the sale? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks, via shopping's my cardio

  • Halogen Quinn pants: Well, the Hubs hates these, but I absolutely loved them. The fit’s fantastic, and the price was too good. Got them in 3 colors: a really subtle plum brocade (my favorite), green jacquard (a little wild, but I’m thinking they’ll be fun for the holidays) and a black/royal colorblock that will be out of style in 15 minutes.
  • Vince leather-trim cardigan: It was all I could do not to wear this one home. It’s so unbelievably soft and cozy!
  • Burberry Ravenfield jacket: I’ve been on the hunt for a midweight black jacket to replace an old Banana Republic piece that needs to be retired, and the fit on this was fantastic (especially for those of us needing waist help).
  • Trina Turk Officer’s Coat: Speaking of fit, this one is so good, the friend that shopped with me bought it right out from under me! (Fret not, I ordered mine online…).
  • Joie “Malena B” mixed-media sweater: I hadn’t even noticed this one, but my SA suggested it, and it’s awfully cute on. Plus, no brain power required – throw it on with skinny trousers, done.
  • Vince striped sweater: Because, you know, I needed more stripes. 
  • Hugo Boss Bashina white blouse: If you have trouble with button-down shirts gapping, give this one a go – it only buttons halfway down, but still looks tailored. Plus, short sleeves mean it’ll be perfect for layering.
  • Lingerie: Besides my perennial favorites, I quite like the new Hanky Panky Retro Thong, and may go back for a few more of those. Also, the DKNY Seamless boy shorts are worth stocking up on. Insanely comfortable, and so cheap.

Okay, it’s your turn: spill! I can’t wait to see what you found!

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11 comments on “let’s chat! nordstrom anniversary sale scores

  1. Christina

    I’m debating between the Vince Sweater (looks so cozy!) and the Rag and Bone Kinsey booties. Wish I could buy both and wear them together. *sigh.

  2. Shopping's My Cardio

    Christina – it’s like Sophie’s choice! For me, it’d be the sweater, no contest, but I’m a heel-phobe. If you can wear them, I’d go for the boots! The Kinsey is such a gorgeous style, they’ll make your whole fall closet look better 🙂 LMK what you end up with! (oh, and size up!)

  3. Kendra

    In my bag so far I’ve got a few Halogen sweaters–my office is over-AC’d so sweaters were the first thing I looked at. Couple pairs of jeans, couple pairs of boots. Decisions, decisions.

    I’m liking the Bashina blouse. How sheer is the white fabric?

  4. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Kendra: buy now, filter later 😉 It’s so much easier to decide once you have everything in front of you. On the blouse, I’d say it’s thin, but not sheer. No underlayer required in my book.

    A: Totally agree. That Halogen cashmere sweatshirt is excellent. Good to know about the pencil skirt too!

  5. Kendra

    Dangerous advice, lady! But: done. Will have to see how the “filter later” part works though! 😉

    A: I was hoping for some new colors in the Halogen cashmere. I have the v-neck from years past in a few colors, and like the merino colors better this year. Sounds like you made some great selections!

  6. Serena

    I bought the Kate Spade Ivie dress in black and love it.

    It doesn’t look special on the website, but it fits great and strikes me as one of those dresses I’ll wear over and over. Now I need to order some other things online. Thanks for sharing all of your finds!!

  7. Amy

    All the leather out there reminds me of my unresolved question from last fall: how do you match leather tops/skirts to boots? Do we avoid leather boots completely? Do the boots need to match the color of the leather top/jacket/skirt? If not boots, then what kind of footwear, especially in the colder months? Thanks!

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