travel in style: the ultimate travel playlist

Anyone who knows me will tell you my taste in music is…well, eclectic would be a kind word. Partly stalled in the ’90s (I get way too excited when I hear Sarah McLachlan is touring), partly influenced by whatever I hear on Ellen or wafting through random hipster coffee shops, with a few showtunes and […]

travel in style: london shopping list

Friends, I have to tell you…I have a whole list of posts in my head to write, but not one of them is making a bit of sense to me today. Why? Because I’M GOING TO LONDON THIS WEEK!! Excited much? I know it’s obnoxious of me, but honestly, there are third graders who weren’t […]

travel in style: portland 2.0

As some of you may have noticed (particularly if you’re hanging with me on Instagram), I’ve been spending a little more time in San Francisco and a little less time in Portland, OR lately. But, last month I had a fantastic excuse to hop back over to PDX and see what’s new. And I’ve been […]

travel in style: maui

|| Updated March 2015 || Ask anyone who’s been to Hawaii, and they have opinions. Everyone has a favorite island, a favorite beach, a favorite fish taco – and with good reason. There’s just no end of options and opportunities to make Hawaii your own – that’s the magic of it. But whether you’re a […]