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travel in style: london

london skyline, via shopping's my cardio

Friends, I’ve been so excited to put this list together for you! The truth is, London is one of my very favorite cities in the world – I’ve visited a few times, and was lucky enough to live there once upon a time. It just never loses its luster. So, when I give you a list of my very favorite things to do in London, I know of what I speak. Read on

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must reads: november

November must reads, via shopping's my cardio

I have to warn you: there’s only one fiction title on this month’s Must Reads list. Not that there isn’t wonderful fiction to be found – my shelves are groaning with books I’ve yet to read – but this time of year is when the really wonderful eye candy books start to appear. The best cookbooks, design books, cheery gift books – all things you’d want to give someone for, say, a holiday that’s coming up on you faster than a freight train. I’m holding a few back for the holidays, but some are just too good to keep from you for one more moment.

Just promise me you won’t let the shortage of traditional page-turners deter you – whatever their genre, more than a few of these books are just begging to be read cover to cover.   Read on

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travel in style: portland 2.0

portland travel travel in style: portland 2.0

As some of you may have noticed (particularly if you’re hanging with me on Instagram), I’ve been spending a little more time in San Francisco and a little less time in Portland, OR lately. But, last month I had a fantastic excuse to hop back over to PDX and see what’s new. And I’ve been missing so much! One thing about Portland is that it’s always, always changing – turn your back for a second, and there are 15 new restaurants, 7 new boutiques and at least 2 new food trends you can’t miss.

So, I thought I’d share an updated list of my favorite things to do in the City of Roses. Some are new finds, others are old favorites, but all are 100% SMC-approved! Read on

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cook this now: roasted tomato quinoa

roasted-tomato-quinoa, via shopping's my cardio

Well. A food blog this definitely is not. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’m a foodie with a capital F. But my cooking style is much more “throw ingredients together and hope for the best” than “follow that recipe to the letter”. The risk with this method (if you can even call it that) is the occasional culinary flop that occurs in my kitchen from time to time.

But every so often, I put together a little something that turns out to be so undeniably tasty, I feel compelled to spread the word. And this little roasted tomato quinoa concoction is one of them. It’s stupidly simple, yet it has enough personality to jazz up even the most basic of proteins (ideal when you’re staring down the barrel of yet another grilled-chicken-breast dinner), and has the added advantage of being ridiculously good for you. Oh, and if you’re suffering from a late-summer tomato overload? Make a double-batch…all of that tomato-y, basil-y, garlicky goodness is so much better the next day. Read on

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september essentials


It’s September, friends! Finally! It’s my favorite month of the year – and not just because my birthday’s fast approaching (though that definitely helps). September always feels like a season of possibility. Leaves change, the air takes on that delicious chill, kids are locked back in their cells for another nine months, and the world feels like it makes a bit more sense.

So, I’m choosing to ignore the fact that the weather report claims it’ll be 90 degrees this weekend where I am. Instead, I’m looking ahead. To short boots, cozy fires, and soup season. Grab your first pumpkin spice latte of the season and do a little something to help your brain transition to fall. Need a few suggestions? Read on

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foodie finds: meet quin

072213 QUIN 007 L foodie finds: meet quin

For those of you that haven’t guessed, I have a pretty serious sweet tooth. In fact, one of my fantasy careers has always been to own a candy shop. I’d be like Dylan Lauren…but probably about 50 lbs heavier from being around all that Cadbury (and, sadly, without the billion-dollar family legacy and a private yurt).

But I’m also a food snob. So, while I’ll certainly dig into an Oreo from time to time, it’s really the handmade goodies that make my heart sing. I’m what you’d charitably call a decent baker, but I’ve always dreamed of mastering the art of candymaking. Candy is as much chemistry as culinary art, and since even my college chem professor agreed I was a disaster in that particular field, I’ve always been openly in awe of those who do it well.

All this to say that when I got word Jami Curl (she of massive local fame for perfecting what is, quite simply, the best cupcake in Portland) had opened a chic new candy shop in town, my ears perked up. And when she told me that, instead of stocking the usual pre-produced fare, she was making her wares from scratch? I went from interested to obsessed in a hurry.

Read on

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friday finds: summer projects

DIY art ideas, via shopping's my cardio

Happy Friday, friends! Well, it’s happened: we’ve come to that time in the summer when the days are long, and my ambition is high. I have so many summer projects brewing in my tired little brain, it will be a real miracle if I can settle down long enough to make one or two of them happen. Specifically? I’m so glad you asked. Read on

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