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september essentials

It’s September, friends! Finally! It’s my favorite month of the year – and not just because my birthday’s fast approaching (though that definitely helps). September always feels like a season of possibility. Leaves change, the air takes on that delicious chill, kids are locked back in their cells for another nine months, and the world feels like it makes a bit more sense.

So, I’m choosing to ignore the fact that the weather report claims it’ll be 90 degrees this weekend where I am. Instead, I’m looking ahead. To short boots, cozy fires, and soup season. Grab your first pumpkin spice latte of the season and do a little something to help your brain transition to fall. Need a few suggestions? Read on

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get gifting: fashion-obsessed

because i so hate the dreaded “-ista” word, let’s just say this guide is for the girl who thrills when the latest issue of vogue hits her mailbox, never says no to a trip to barneys, and is always the first in your crowd to buy into the latest trend.  i’ll admit she’s not the easiest (or the cheapest) giftee on your list, but rest assured she gives as good as she gets.  so gift your fashion-obsessed friends well…they’re sure to return the favor!

prada keychainPicture 1armani watch

joyaPicture 3

Picture 2

Picture 4Picture 5

left to right, from top: prada vespa keychain, $165; frye reagan campus moccasins (especially this shearling-lined version), $138/148; emporio armani white ceramic watch, $545; däv fleece-lined equestrian rainboot, $98; the ELLEments of personal style: 25 modern fashion icons on how to dress, shop, and live, $17; joya solid perfume lockets, $38-68; diane von furstenberg lytton minaudiere, $325; echo touch ruffled gloves, $35; lafayette 148 faux leopard scarf, $98; chance striped boatneck tee, $60; all saints kadian jacket, $500 (and a very close second).

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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victorian perfection from joya

i fell hard for these beautiful necklaces when they first appeared in my inbox a few months back.  sadly, i wasn’t quick enough the first time around, and they sold out at anthropologie in mere moments.  a collaboration between joya (one of my absolute favorite perfumers) and a hip design shop called vane, they can be worn several ways (thanks to the long, multi-chain detail), but – even better – each is actually a locket that contains a decadent solid perfume fragrance.

fortunately, my tardiness is being excused: my dear friends over at joya have let me know that they’re now available at joya’s website, which excites me to no end.  at $80 each, these are definitely an affordable splurge…the only problem now is choosing which version i love best.  i’m not a spider girl, but it’s a very, very tough call between the cameo and that big gold orb.  with victorian jewelry so in this year, i’m sorely tempted by both.

i’ve only been able to check out the scent for the cameo (okay, so i tackled a salesgirl at anthro last week when i spied her wearing one. “can i smell your necklace”…definitely not a phrase i use often), but it’s divine.  it’s called ambrosia and, true to its name, it’s packed with orange, coconut, vanilla and cinnamon – perfect for a light spring day!  if you’re more of a complex floral girl, i suspect you’ll fall for the orb’s “potion” scent, with notes of lotus, lavender, and amber.

sigh…could i possibly just have one of each?

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what i’m giving today: male edition


i used to agonize over gifting to men, until i realized it was because i was trying to get them things i thought they should have.  now, i’ve finally learned to just cave and get the men what they actually want at the holidays…even if it’s pointless (or even annoying) to me, i figure that’s exactly what they think when we ask for yet another scarf or pair of earrings.  with that in mind, i’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas i’ve come across this year to make him smile on christmas morning.

for the geek in your life, the splurge du jour is the playstation 3.  from what i understand, it’s quite the gadget – it plays bluray discs, allows him to download movies and games from the internet, and may even julienne carrots.  okay, maybe not that last one.  pick it up for about $400 and score some serious points.

for my little bro, who simply cannot keep his house smelling even remotely decent, i’m going to give him a gift that will help him get his saturday night date inside the front door.  this cool diffuser from joya boasts a very masculine skull and crossbones on the outside, and a completely gender-neutral gunpowder green tea scent on the inside – all he has to do is set it up, and the stench is…well, masked at least.

if you’re gifting to someone a little more rugged, i can’t think of many guys that wouldn’t love this filson briefcase ($245).  it’s a great, masculine option for a laptop bag (but still incredibly stylish) that will make him feel like he’s off on a mountaineering adventure, even when it’s really just his daily commute.

when all else fails, boys do love their toys.  so, indulge him…but in as creative a way as you can.  if he’s into golf, pick up a couple of gift certificates for a round at his favorite course.  if he’s never met a microbrew he doesn’t like, cave and get him that beer of the month club membership (or yes, even that home brewing kit he’s been craving).  and if his favorite thing to do on a saturday is watch a marathon of bad sci fi, well, bite the bullet and buy him a star trek box set…maybe even tack on a promise to watch a few with him.  you get the idea.  

and, last but not least – it may not elicit childlike squeals of delight, but i promise…the man in your life is secretly thrilled you’re there to help him with his fashion choices.  so, throw a stylish cashmere sweater or a hip watch (diesel does a great job of blending cool and “stylish”) under the tree for good measure – just make sure to mix the fashion goodies with a few toys!

so, how about a little help from the committee?  what’s the best gift you’ve ever given to a guy?  share the love, people!

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what i want today: comforting fall scents

the moment the weather turns cool, i start craving warm, comforting scents like cinnamon, clove and winter fruits.  short of keeping an oven full of pie at all times, my best shot for maintaining those classic fall scents in my home is via candle.  so, i’ve taken it upon myself to run an exhaustive test, and i’ve come up with my list of favorites for this fall season.

the new joya collection at barneys has my undivided attention.  i haven’t stopped burning their fantastic candles since they arrived.  they’ve collaborated with one of my favorite ceramic artists, sarah cihat, to develop candles that smell amazing, last forever, and are housed in truly gorgeous containers.  my personal favorite is the pomegranate white pepper ($48), which has the deep sweetness of pomegranate, but the snap of white pepper, ginger and cardamom keeps it from being too cloying. 

i know it’s a second pomegranate scent, but the pomegranate noir from jo malone ($65) is so different,  they’re both worth loving.  in the jo malone version, the pomegranate is more prominent, probably because of the raspberry notes in the background.  but by adding patchouli and frankincense, this turns into a much more complex fragrance.  overall, if you’re after a true pomegranate, i’d go with the jo malone…but if you’re after just a generally light sweet scent with a hint of spice, the joya is for you.

i have to admit to some work bias here, but honestly, pacifica’s tibetan mountain temple ($20) is my hands-down favorite for homey, spicy scents this season.  it’s not intended as a holiday candle, but the scents of ginger, orange and vetiver combine to make this as comforting as a scent can be.  i can’t get enough!  archipelago’s gingered grapefruit ($24) is another great option, but the grapefruit makes this one much sharper – a great candle for day to keep you awake, where the pacifica is a night-only burn for me…it just makes me cozy, warm and relaxed.

for something really different, i’ve been obsessively sniffing the new agadir candle from tocca ($36) since it arrived.  it smells exactly like sweet pipe tobacco, a scent i’ve always secretly loved, especially when the air outside is crisp.  the particular beauty of this scent (besides the gorgeous trademark tocca packaging) is that this is a scent your other half can’t pass up…it’s as manly as a candle gets.

what’s your favorite cold-weather scent?

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