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splurge or steal: wrapped with a bow

ordinarily, i run screaming from knock-offs, “inspired by” pieces or anything at all reeking of plagarism in the fashion world.  but just this once, i’m torn.

prada’s fall collection was filled with these lovely, sweet-but-sharp patent bows.  i fell hard for the look…most notably those patent pumps and their perfect little belt.

i absolutely adore it, but well, it’s $355…a pretty penny, even for prada.  here’s a closer look:

adorable, right?  and just the thing to add a little dose of originality to a cardigan, a summer dress, or…well, anything, really.  but there was no way i was committing at that price.

so, when i spotted the following in an ad for white house black market, i sat up a little straighter in my chair:

this one is $38.  and, while i’m sure it’s plastic where prada’s is a gorgeous, sumptuous leather, i’m having a hard time sticking to my normally principled guns.  i know if i buy it, i’ll hate myself a little in the morning.  but, just like an ill-advised one-night-stand, i’m left asking: how can something so wrong feel so right?

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get gifting: geek chic

this entire gift guide is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who is always more interested in reading wired than vogue, happily lines up for the latest “must-have” from apple, and never goes anywhere with less than 3 gadgets in her immediate vicinity.  if you know a girl (or, for that matter, a guy) who fits that description, something tells me any of these goodies will make their eyes light up with glee on christmas morning.

Picture 7Picture 2

Picture 5Picture 3

left to right, from top: belkin mini surge protector with usb charger, $25; jawbone jambox wireless speaker and hands-free speakerphone, $200; ge create camera by jason wu, with leather accent (oh how i want this one!), $200; powersupport iphone cases by tibi and rachel pally, $55; ferragamo ipad case, order at 800.628.8916, $390; tantrum-throwing alarm clock, $50.

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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get gifting: fashion-obsessed

because i so hate the dreaded “-ista” word, let’s just say this guide is for the girl who thrills when the latest issue of vogue hits her mailbox, never says no to a trip to barneys, and is always the first in your crowd to buy into the latest trend.  i’ll admit she’s not the easiest (or the cheapest) giftee on your list, but rest assured she gives as good as she gets.  so gift your fashion-obsessed friends well…they’re sure to return the favor!

prada keychainPicture 1armani watch

joyaPicture 3

Picture 2

Picture 4Picture 5

left to right, from top: prada vespa keychain, $165; frye reagan campus moccasins (especially this shearling-lined version), $138/148; emporio armani white ceramic watch, $545; däv fleece-lined equestrian rainboot, $98; the ELLEments of personal style: 25 modern fashion icons on how to dress, shop, and live, $17; joya solid perfume lockets, $38-68; diane von furstenberg lytton minaudiere, $325; echo touch ruffled gloves, $35; lafayette 148 faux leopard scarf, $98; chance striped boatneck tee, $60; all saints kadian jacket, $500 (and a very close second).

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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friday finds

happy friday, everyone!  i hope you’re all looking forward to a weekend of parties, costumes, and – in my case – eating far too many tiny candy bars.

i’m still in heavy-duty “cozy fall” mode, and what i’m coveting now is ugg’s new venture into knitwear. their chic snuggly grandpa cardigan ($295) has my name written all over it.  and check out those suede elbow patches!  the whole collection is simple and perfect, and nearly makes up for the footwear trauma they’ve inflicted on me in the past.

Picture 11

oh, jonathan adler…the things you do to me!  he’s just released several new additions to his infamous menagerie, and i love them all.  if i had an office, you can bet your bottom dollar this peacock lollipop holder ($98) would already be on its way to me.  alas, i’m not sure having that many tootsie pops around without someone besides me to eat them would be good for my sugar intake.

Picture 12

more coats…and this mackintosh trench, at $1,175, is purely lust-only. but really, that houndstooth plaid, and the classic fitted styling?  unbelievable.  now if only j.crew could stop including insanely expensive items on their site…i get way too excited seeing something this gorgeous and thinking it’s within reach.

i’m feeling a bit guilty for foregoing my annual ‘breast cancer awareness product lineup’ feature this year.  i just get a little tired of seeing the same old stuff being dyed pink each october.  but these emily elizabeth earrings ($50) caught my eye big time, and they deserve a mention before the end of the month.  at last, a chic way to display that infamous pink ribbon.  i love the rose gold, i love the sweet little studs, and i love that proceeds go to the “feel your boobies” foundation.

and last but not least, a query for you dear readers.  are these cole haan loafers as cute as i thought they were at first glance, or are they too white, making them look like something a nurse would wear?  (no disrespect to those of you in the profession….but really, the clown-print scrubs are tricky).  i realized i’d actually bookmarked a very similar version from prada to torment you all with, but these are strikingly similar for considerably less.  thoughts?

Picture 14Picture 15

(hint: cole haan’s on the left, prada’s on the right).

let me know your thoughts, and have a fabulous halloween weekend, everyone!  here’s to a fantastic sugar coma!

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stalking the sales: neiman marcus steps it up for spring

neiman marcus is having a spring sale so good, it’s making me reconsider my longstanding boycott of their online store (a very long story involving a dispute over some ill-fitting prada shoes which had not been worn, i don’t care what they say.  but i digress…).  anyway, the sale is fabulous, especially with regard to spring shoes.  you get to take an additional 25% off the discounted price of everything that’s already on sale, plus free shipping at any price (with code SHOPNM).

if you haven’t splurged yet this season, may i suggest:

from left to right:  michael kors bristol wedge, $118 from $225; antik batik gladiator sandal, $108 from $215; loeffler randall brynn thong, $163 from $325; cole haan air phoebe woven rope sandal, $84 from $168; prada espadrille wedge, $193 from $385; stuart weitzman leather wedge espadrille, $163 from $325; tory burch lizard-print reva flat, $118 from $235; tory burch espadrille flat, $58 from $115;  joie wingtip flat, $149 from $198.

not to mention all of the lovely, lovely loefflers on sale, and some elizabeth and james stacking rings i’m seriously considering.

just don’t test out your new shoes on a hardwood floor…trust me on this one.

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cheap thrills: the prada edition!

okay, maybe not “cheap” by my normal standards.  but $166 for prada shoes is a steal no matter how you slice it.

maybe i’m just rebelling against all of those sky-high platform sandals this season, but i think these butter yellow kitten heel peeptoes will get you through the rest of summer and early fall with so much style, and they’re so classic, they’ll last for years!  plus, they’re from prada’s linea rossa line, which is always amazingly comfortable.  i’d love to see these paired with skinny jeans, and they’ll be amazing with colored tights when the weather cools off.

nab them at barneys now…they have almost a full selection of sizes left!

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spring sales, part X

picture-14   picture-21   picture-31

wow, this is a seriously damaged economy – lucky us!  

saks just announced a friends & family discount online for today & tomorrow only (in stores apr 16-19) – use code SFAFAM10 to score 25% off (20% off jewelry and 10% off cosmetics).  their site is so clogged, i had a hard time getting on – but now that i have, the completely irresponsible side of me is dying with cute overload from these sweet prada flip flops – yes, it’s $150 for flip flops, but it comes with a matching case! what, that doesn’t make it reasonable?

tobi is running 25% off sitewide too, including on sale items – use code 25EMAIL through friday.  some awesome deals to be found in the sale section, particularly if you happen to be a 25″ waist or a size small.  i’m thinking hard about these sweet nude heels from sigerson morrison – down to $206, plus another 25% off…so, about $150.  on paper, i realize i should hate these – but i’m oddly attracted to them.  i can never come up with heels i like to see with spring dresses, and these would work so perfectly!  loads of great tops from velvet, too – they’re getting a little pricey for me these days, but the sale is making them cuter.

and shopbop is running its annual tax day promo, in that annoying, staggered-spending way that tricks us into spending more than we meant to.  save $25 on $200, $75 on $400…and so on, with code TAXBREAK09, through thursday.  this rebecca taylor dress was literally the first thing i saw on the site, but i was so excited by the non-crotch-skimming hemline that i nearly keeled over.  and what a great all-purpose summer sundress, provided you’re not overly endowed in the chest department.  other than that (and the usual adoration of all shoes, bags and jewelry), this elizabeth and james plaid shirt is exactly the look i want this spring – i’ve had enough of the 80s revival and the endless shoulder pads.  pair this with faded jeans now, a cuffed blazer and shorts later in the spring, and leave it open over a lacy cami and maybe an eyelet skirt in the summer – talk about a multitasker.  of course, you’ll have to find a way to spend another $5 to get the deal.  see what i mean?  they’re tricky, those shopbop marketing people.

so, what do you think – is all of this discount madness going to shock us out of our spending hiatuses (what is the plural of hiatus, anyway?…hmm).  ahem.  anyway, will you be partaking?


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last-minute valentines…for everyone!


for those dear readers who didn’t win the contest, i hope you’ll still be my valentine.  and if you’re still struggling for gifts, here are a few last-minute ideas that i personally guarantee will be a universal hit.

for her:  if you’re feeling splurge-y, head over to saks and grab this pink prada wallet.  it’s the perfect way to say “i love you, and want you to have somewhere amazingly luxe to stash your credit cards.”  trust me…i have the same one in cobalt (courtesy of a hawaii souvenir budget).  words cannot express the sheer awesomeness of this wallet.  or, if you’re not rolling in the dough (like most of us), i swear to the fashion gods that nothing will make her happier than if you walk in the door bearing a handful of pink peonies and a sweet card that didn’t come from a drugstore.  true story.

for him:  guys are so hard to buy for on this sentiment-filled holiday…but i’m pretty sure this is as near flawless as it gets.  head to your local apple store.  pick up these super cool headphones from v-moda – i know we’re not usually into the tech here, but they’re called the vibe II and they’re amazing.  i get annoyed by headphones, headsets, and all their progeny as a rule, but these are fantastic.  they look cool, they don’t tangle, and even i can tell how much better the sound is.  plus, they double as a surprisingly excellent phone headset.  so, tack on an itunes gift card, and you can say you wanted him to be able to listen to his tom petty collection and your sweet voice in style.  his inner gadget geek will come out of the woodwork.  oh, and they work with just about any phone or MP3 player, so no worries there.  (ahem…you may want to pick up a set for yourself while you’re at it…they’re that fab.)

for you:  last, but most important…let’s not forget a valentine for you!  i have a v-day deal that’s guaranteed to steal your heart:


this fantastic blazer is cashmere…and it’s actually a cardigan.  so no tailoring, and no uncomfortable gaping.  these pieces are as close as i get to blazers – i just can’t ever get the right fit, so i cheat.  comes in charcoal, navy and black – all great, classic staples.

at any rate.  $188, down to $75.20 at bloomingdales right now…oh yeah, plus an extra 40% off this weekend.  so, it’s about $40. 

now that’s love.  happy valentine’s day!

Sale at Tobi

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