splurge or steal: wrapped with a bow

ordinarily, i run screaming from knock-offs, “inspired by” pieces or anything at all reeking of plagarism in the fashion world.  but just this once, i’m torn.

prada’s fall collection was filled with these lovely, sweet-but-sharp patent bows.  i fell hard for the look…most notably those patent pumps and their perfect little belt.

i absolutely adore it, but well, it’s $355…a pretty penny, even for prada.  here’s a closer look:

adorable, right?  and just the thing to add a little dose of originality to a cardigan, a summer dress, or…well, anything, really.  but there was no way i was committing at that price.

so, when i spotted the following in an ad for white house black market, i sat up a little straighter in my chair:

this one is $38.  and, while i’m sure it’s plastic where prada’s is a gorgeous, sumptuous leather, i’m having a hard time sticking to my normally principled guns.  i know if i buy it, i’ll hate myself a little in the morning.  but, just like an ill-advised one-night-stand, i’m left asking: how can something so wrong feel so right?

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5 comments on “splurge or steal: wrapped with a bow

  1. Kristina

    Oh I want that! No skinny little strip of leather is worth almost $400! Go with the White House Black Market version!

  2. shoppingsmycardio

    oh, you guys, i would NEVER buy the $355 version…i’m not completely insane! just having a guilty conscience about buying what amounts to a knock-off. i should just get over it, though, eh?

  3. Kristina

    Oh definitely get over it already! 🙂 It’s technically only a “knock-off” if they sew the Prada name on it and try to pass it off as the real thing. I also seriously doubt that White House Black Market’s profits go towards the sex slave industry and child labor like knock-offs do. Buy it with a clean conscience! 🙂

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