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friday finds: fall friends & family fun!

Wow, that was a seriously alliterative title. I’m skipping the usual Friday Finds extravaganza this week, because there are so many fantastic sales going on around the web this weekend, I thought you might rather hear about those. I know you all love a good bargain just as much as I do!

First up, nab this cute little Joie crossbody bag free with any $250 purchase at Saks – just use code WCONTEMP2 (you’ll also get free shipping on $200+ with code SFASHIP). Ordinarily, I’m not much for free gifts, as they never live up to the hype. But even though this one’s free (and faux suede), I actually love it, from the chain strap all the way down to the tassel detail on the closure.

Lots of Friends & Family love going on this weekend. Get 20% off all purchases with code FALLFRIENDS11 at Bloomingdale’s this weekend, plus free shipping (no code required)! It may be time to splurge on that DVF Mikhaila coat I’ve been eyeing all season…or maybe the Harrington vest. {It’s worth noting that Nordstrom will usually match this deal, especially if they carry the same item.}

And more Friends & Family excitement at Endless (thanks for the tip, M!) – again, take 20% off storewide (with the usual exceptions) through the weekend with code SEPEVENT. I’m thinking it’s an excellent excuse to get a little more Loeffler Randall in your life.

Remember when I told you about Matches Fashion a few weeks ago, but lamented their pricey US shipping? Well, today only, free worldwide shipping at Matches with code WWFREE. Some pieces are a little pricier than they would be stateside (damn conversion rates), but some are a steal…like this orange herringbone coat from Weekend MaxMara, which I’m pretty sure would be about $300 higher here.

Quite a weekend for indulging your inner compulsive shopper, no? Any other deals you know about? Share them in the comments, won’t you? Just think of it as retail karma.

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my city by the bay

well hello, readers!  i missed you last week. but the whole time i was gone, i was taking furious notes of all the things i had to tell you about when i returned.  yes, i spent nearly all of last week revisiting my old stomping grounds in san francisco.  thank goodness the city is still as amazing as i remember…though i don’t miss that 9% sales tax!

i shopped and shopped, and then i shopped some more.  i got tees at H&M, mugs at jonathan adler, a tour of the new spring collection at michael kors, macarons (and way too much candy) at miette patisserie, made several trips to bloomingdales and barneys, neiman marcus and saks, and drank my weight in cappucinos at my favorite italian cafe.  and i topped it all off with lunch at neiman marcus’ rotunda restaurant, quite possibly my favorite lunch spot ever.  how can you not love a huge stained glass dome, birds-eye view of union square, all the popovers you can eat, and live models trailing couture past your table.

i also got to catch up with several of my dear friends that i left behind in san francisco (hi to A and J!), and spend some much-needed quality time with my sweet mom.  and i finally (finally!) got to meet the lovely connie, who’s been my e-friend for years, and is now a real live in-person friend.  love that!

sigh….i’m exhausted just reading that!  yes, i had missed my city.  and i worked very, very hard to hit all the spots i missed while i was gone.  i picked up so many new tips, brands and ideas that i can’t wait to share…but for now, i have to start with what i brought home, don’t you agree?

my big splurge was this amazing leather blazer by vince – on super markdown at barneys, i might add.  vince calls it their ‘paper leather,’ and it really is amazingly thin, light and matte – plus it has knit panels on the underside of the sleeve and along the sides, which makes it ultra-comfy and perfect for layering.  this is last fall’s style (which i prefer for being infinitely less trendy), but if you want to see the current incarnation with its asymmetrical lapels (also very cute), it’s right here.  i can hardly wait to start pairing it with cropped jeans and frilly spring dresses.  you know, something like…

this ella moss version i picked up (also on the barneys supersale).  it’s not online any longer (the hazard of buying on sale…), but this one is awfully similar.  just imagine it with short sleeves and no black mesh detailing.  i’m already plotting to pair it with black tights and short boots now (and that fabulous new jacket!), and a chunky nude sandal come spring.  i love that there’s a bit of black in this print – it keeps it just shy of being girly overkill, and will make it so easy to layer with darker colors.

and last, i couldn’t resist these gorgeous bronze (really more of a coppery shade) mirrored cutout flats from belle by sigerson morrison – they were a last-minute treat from neiman marcus.  i love these as an alternative to sandals (especially when the pedicure’s looking a little less than perfect), and can’t wait to use them to dress up cutoff shorts or boyfriend jeans this summer.

other than that (ha!), i was pretty restrained.  i passed up oh so many luscious handbags, and managed to avert my eyes from the jewelry department every time i went to barneys.  but even with all that self-control (ha again), it was an ab fab trip, and i can’t wait to do it again.

how was your weekend?

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last-minute for the wife/girlfriend/friend with benefits

go ahead and forward this post to the man in your life.  i promise he’s not done shopping for you yet.

guys: while i know the prospect of approaching the cosmetics counter a week before christmas is frightening, bobbi brown is as foolproof as it gets.  they do the most amazing job of packaging wearable, neutral shades that really will work on most every person i know.  (translation: i’m eliminating the part of the shopping process in which you stand around trying to figure out whether that particular shade of pink will make your significant other look like a supermodel or a hospital patient in liver failure.)

Picture 9Picture 8

yes, it’s hard to go wrong with these little sets from bobbi brown.  i’m a sucker for packaging, and these chrome compacts are as chic as can be.  while i’m not a lip gloss person, i know i’m in the minority on that count…many a lid flipped when i showed this glitter lip balm set around among my friends.  personally, i’ve been wedded to the velvet plum eye palette since it arrived.  i’m pretty low-maintenance on the cosmetic front (the facial care is another matter), and this set just sort of handles all of my eye needs. base color, highlighter, accent shadow and even a liner shade – done!  i don’t even have to think about the eye stuff any more, which is sort of a relief.

either of these sets will make the girl in your life exceedingly happy on christmas morning.  you should be able to track these down at just about any bobbi brown counter, which you’ll find  at most department stores (ie, nordstrom, barneys, bloomingdales…you get the idea). at $40 each, they’re great stocking stuffer material…and i know you haven’t even started buying her stocking stuffers yet.

(girls, if these don’t show up under your tree, go out the day after and buy them anyway. they’re that good.)

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oh, and deal of the SEASON at bloomingdales

the lovely A has alerted me to a pretty fabulous phenomenon:  stepped discounts at bloomingdales until tomorrow, 4/2 (no, this is not an april fool…that would be just mean).  score 20% off purchases up to $299, 30% off purchases up to $499 and 40% off purchases $500 and over.  on EVERYTHING.  plus free shipping if you spend $300.  oh yeah, and get an extra $25 off a $100+ purchase with code PRIVATE.

so, basically, god is telling you it’s time to buy a new handbag for spring.  being in a fairly serious slouchy bag mood at present, i humbly suggest the lovely kooba dale tote or this bright marc by MJ huge hillier hobo.  i think i’ve gotten too lazy for satchels.

happy hunting!

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last-minute valentines…for everyone!


for those dear readers who didn’t win the contest, i hope you’ll still be my valentine.  and if you’re still struggling for gifts, here are a few last-minute ideas that i personally guarantee will be a universal hit.

for her:  if you’re feeling splurge-y, head over to saks and grab this pink prada wallet.  it’s the perfect way to say “i love you, and want you to have somewhere amazingly luxe to stash your credit cards.”  trust me…i have the same one in cobalt (courtesy of a hawaii souvenir budget).  words cannot express the sheer awesomeness of this wallet.  or, if you’re not rolling in the dough (like most of us), i swear to the fashion gods that nothing will make her happier than if you walk in the door bearing a handful of pink peonies and a sweet card that didn’t come from a drugstore.  true story.

for him:  guys are so hard to buy for on this sentiment-filled holiday…but i’m pretty sure this is as near flawless as it gets.  head to your local apple store.  pick up these super cool headphones from v-moda – i know we’re not usually into the tech here, but they’re called the vibe II and they’re amazing.  i get annoyed by headphones, headsets, and all their progeny as a rule, but these are fantastic.  they look cool, they don’t tangle, and even i can tell how much better the sound is.  plus, they double as a surprisingly excellent phone headset.  so, tack on an itunes gift card, and you can say you wanted him to be able to listen to his tom petty collection and your sweet voice in style.  his inner gadget geek will come out of the woodwork.  oh, and they work with just about any phone or MP3 player, so no worries there.  (ahem…you may want to pick up a set for yourself while you’re at it…they’re that fab.)

for you:  last, but most important…let’s not forget a valentine for you!  i have a v-day deal that’s guaranteed to steal your heart:


this fantastic blazer is cashmere…and it’s actually a cardigan.  so no tailoring, and no uncomfortable gaping.  these pieces are as close as i get to blazers – i just can’t ever get the right fit, so i cheat.  comes in charcoal, navy and black – all great, classic staples.

at any rate.  $188, down to $75.20 at bloomingdales right now…oh yeah, plus an extra 40% off this weekend.  so, it’s about $40. 

now that’s love.  happy valentine’s day!

Sale at Tobi

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deal of the day: tahari leather jacket

this is exactly the leather jacket i’ve been craving all season, and it’s 40% off today.  part biker chic (the cropped, narrow styling) and part girly girl (the pleat details and standing ruffle collar), this butter leather jacket from tahari (don’t you just love the name?) works in all the right ways.  love the idea of it layered over a long, tissue-weight sweater and narrow jeans…and, of course, a gorgeous scarf.

it’s still not cheap at $600, but it’s much better than the original $1,000.  and, with styling this hot, it’ll be in style long after this season’s trendier biker jackets bite the dust.

Sale at Tobi

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