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saks friends & family!

I’m behind the Magic 8 ball on this one, and I’m so sorry, friends…internet access is a bit spotty when moving! But in case you haven’t already heard, Saks is having their Friends & Family event this week! You get 20% off storewide, 15% off jewelry (it’s one of the best F&F deals out there, with the fewest brand exclusions). Nordstrom is always happy to match this one as well (just sayin’!). You have until 4/29, so if you haven’t already taken advantage, hop to it!

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sneak peek: vince spring 2012

Oh, Vince…the things you do to me.

Despite every other designer on the planet concocting digital florals, peplum waists and cotton candy pastels, Vince stayed true to their roots this season, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m suddenly so, so ready for spring. Or, at a minimum, I’m ready for those blue pants.

Check out the rest of the Vince spring preview going on at Saks right now…but prepare to covet.

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the F&F motherlode: shopbop and saks!

Friends, I have two very exciting things to say to you.

First, drumroll please…it’s Friends & Family time at Shopbop!

And if that isn’t enough excitement…it’s also Friends & Family time at Saks! (Granted, there’s a monster list of brand exclusions, but it’s still a steal unless you’re in the market for Prada or Hermes.)

I hardly know where to start with all the fantasy shopping I’m conducting in my head right now. But a few pieces that may well make their way onto my credit card:

From Shopbop: Yarnz Chic scarf, $130; LNA knit pencil skirt, $95; Elizabeth & James booties, $350.

From Saks: Vince sweater coat, $395; Burberry shearling jacket, $1,195; Michael Kors cropped tweed jacket, $195.

I know, I know. The Burberry jacket is a long shot. But hey, a girl’s got to have dreams!

What’s on your shopping list? Whether it’s fantasy or reality, I’m dying to know!

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travel in style: san francisco

As you might have noticed from all of my nostalgic exclamations on Twitter and Facebook recently, I packed up my most stylish duds, a slew of accessories, and spent last week in the city where I really did leave my heart: San Francisco! Five glorious days eating absolutely everything I wanted to eat, seeing (nearly) everyone I wanted to see, and buying (not even close to) everything I wanted to buy. I am full, I am happy, and I am exhausted!

{The view from my room at the Huntington Hotel. I couldn’t stop staring!}

While I was thinking about what to share with you about the trip, it occurred to me I’ve never even given you a list of my must-see destinations in San Francisco. Shame on me! And so, forthwith, a completely incomplete Top Ten list of some of my favorite things in what is quite possibly my favorite city in the States (there’s no competing with Paris).

{Clockwise, from top: Old Fashioned cupcakes at Miette, a much-enjoyed cappucino
at Emporio Rulli, and a peek at Dish, my new favorite SF boutique.}

1. Shop in Union Square. I know, there’s nothing exactly novel about Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys(!), Zara or Madewell, but when you live in a city without access to any of them, I can assure you that the site of that particular square block of real estate is intensely satisfying. While you’re there…

2. Treat yourself to a crab louie salad at the Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus (really just an excuse to have them serve you piping hot popovers with strawberry butter). And, though it’s tempting to splurge on an order of their famous chocolate-chip cookies, skip it and instead…

3. Have a cappuccino and a sfogliatella at Emporio Rulli, right in the heart of Union Square, for the best people-watching ever.

4. Gorge at the Ferry Building. Or, more specifically, have an Old Fashioned cupcake and a pistachio macaron at Miette, brave the line (or try the secret window around the corner) for a(nother) cappuccino at Blue Bottle, then grab a pack of S’mores Bites from Recchiuti, and a pot of olive oil lip balm from McEvoy Ranch to take home. Sit on a bench outside, watch the ferries go by, and take in a postcard-perfect view of the oft-overlooked Bay Bridge. Speaking of gorging…

5. Gary Danko. Lobster risotto and a cheese cart…what else do you need to hear?

6. Fillmore Street. Any time you see Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Adler and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the same block, go there. Follow up with some great window-shopping (or thrifting, if that’s your thing), a stop at Heidi Says Shoes, and a leisurely browse at Browser Books.

7. Hayes Valley. This ‘hood has grown by leaps and bounds since I last visited, and it might just be my new favorite shopping spot. Besides Miette’s Confiserie (best candy shop ever!), there’s serious fashion to be had. The vintage selection at Ver Unica and Reliquary is unprecedented – even I couldn’t resist (as evidenced by that fly leopard coat that followed me home). Then there’s Dish, which is so much my perfect boutique that I could have closed my eyes, pointed to literally anything, and bought it without looking, knowing I’d love it forever. Nida (why don’t these stores have e-commerce?!) is pretty wonderful too, if only for their selection of Isabel Marant and Athe by Vanessa Bruno.

8. Eat in North Beach (aka “Little Italy”). Preferably at Sodini’s, my personal favorite for old-school Italian charm. But wherever you dine, finish at Mara’s for a cannoli.

9. Palace of the Legion of Honor. Nothing whatsoever to do with food or shopping (are you shocked?), but still one of my favorite places ever. It’s all peace, calm and beauty, as far as the eye can see…with a stunning clifftop view of the bay and that big red bridge.

10. Stay at the Huntington Hotel, and spend a day at the Nob Hill Spa. But more on that awesomeness tomorrow…

I’d love to know what you’d add to the list!

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friends & family at saks fifth avenue!

Enjoy, friends!  One of you pointed out this morning that this would be an excellent excuse to try that La Mer serum we talked about recently.  As for me, I’m going to be taking a close look at some leather jackets, and possibly using it as an excuse to nab a great Mother’s Day gift for my sweet mom.

Oh, and get free shipping too with code SPRINGSFA.

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saks friends & family (complete with a cheap thrill)!

oh, it’s one of my favorite days of the year, dear readers. the saks friends & family event has begun, and you can take 20% off nearly everything (10% off beauty)!   the event starts online today and in-store on thursday (though most sales reps will be happy to presale items for you), and it will be over on sunday, 4/25. so, if there’s a little something you’ve been lusting after, now’s the time to pounce!  use code FRIEND3 to score the discount, plus get free shipping on orders of $200+ with code SFASHIP.

naturally, i thought i’d share a few things on my “i really should take advantage of this” list.

i’ve been wanting a little mini-crossbody bag for the summer, and i utterly love this one by olivia harris.  it’s edgy enough to counteract the overly sweet style a tiny bag can sometimes have, fun enough for summer but will transition perfectly to fall.  plus, i love the chain detail on the strap.  at 20% off $299, it’s sorely tempting.

i’m still on the hunt for a new spring shoe, and you know my love for sigerson morrison runs deep.  at first, i wasn’t sure about these cagey mini-wedges ($225, plus 20% off), but they’ve really grown on me – something about the ultra-feminine silhouette blended with the edgy strap details.  especially in the oak color, i think these are going to be amazing on.

spring isn’t exactly the time to be looking for black pencil skirts, but this elie tahari version is officially one of the best i’ve seen (that draping in front is gorgeous and an ingenious way to hide a tummy).  it’s already on sale for $78, so with the discount, you’re looking at about $63 for a really fantastic piece that will love you for years to come.

last but not least, well, any piece from zac posen’s new diffusion line – z spoke – would be oh so welcome in my closet.  i’m not as excited about his target collection as some, but z spoke is definitely, definitely speaking my language.  i’ll take the whole beautiful outfit, please…especially that gorgeous green skirt  sadly, i think these pieces are staying on the wish list for now…but i’m crossing my fingers for bigger spring markdowns in a few weeks!

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spring shoe loveliness from DVF

picture-13     picture-15     picture-16

when diane von furstenberg debuted her shoe collection last fall, i had a feeling she was onto something.  and sure enough, her spring collection has me all aflutter.  in fact, i have more DVF shoes on my “must have” list for spring than any other brand…sort of a blessing, since most of her shoes top out around $200, rather than my beloved loeffler randalls, which are usually $400-500. sadly, most of my shopping is virtual these days, but there’s definitely fun to be had in wishful thinking, right?

that turquoise beaded flat sandal is a great nod to the ethnic print trend that’s so hot right now, but it’s not so obvious that you won’t be able to wear them next year.  ditto for the bright woven leather pattern on the leeds mini wedge (another huge trend for summer).  but the pair i’m really, really coveting is this fab flat “rialto” espadrille – the chunky gold nuggets and orange leather are endlessly versatile, and so classic you’ll turn to them for years of warm weather to come.  i am having such lovely visions of these sandals accompanying me on some exotic beach getaway…hey, just because i can’t even afford the shoes doesn’t mean i can’t dream!

check out all the styles at shopbop, saks or nordstrom – just one more of the many fine qualities of this collection:  accessibility!

Women's Sale at Endless.com Shoes & Handbags

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