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this just in: sale on sale at shopbop, saks & more

  • Shopbop — Take an additional 25% off sale with code 25MORE, including an impressive selection of Equipment silk, if you’re in the market (through 6/26). sale at shopbop
  • Saks — Take $75 off $350 (aka, 20%) off any purchase, sale or otherwise, with code SAKS14 – they have some amazing markdowns on boots, if you’re feeling like prepping for fall (through 6/26).
  • Net-A-Porter — Final clearance markdowns today, no code needed. I’m crying in my soup that this amazing 2-in-1 Vivienne Westwood LBD is gone in my size.
  • Neiman Marcus — An additional 40% off a very decent selection of sale picks, no code needed. Any time I can score a classic Armani cocktail dress for $250, it’s a good day.
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travel in style: san francisco

As you might have noticed from all of my nostalgic exclamations on Twitter and Facebook recently, I packed up my most stylish duds, a slew of accessories, and spent last week in the city where I really did leave my heart: San Francisco! Five glorious days eating absolutely everything I wanted to eat, seeing (nearly) everyone I wanted to see, and buying (not even close to) everything I wanted to buy. I am full, I am happy, and I am exhausted!

{The view from my room at the Huntington Hotel. I couldn’t stop staring!}

While I was thinking about what to share with you about the trip, it occurred to me I’ve never even given you a list of my must-see destinations in San Francisco. Shame on me! And so, forthwith, a completely incomplete Top Ten list of some of my favorite things in what is quite possibly my favorite city in the States (there’s no competing with Paris).

{Clockwise, from top: Old Fashioned cupcakes at Miette, a much-enjoyed cappucino
at Emporio Rulli, and a peek at Dish, my new favorite SF boutique.}

1. Shop in Union Square. I know, there’s nothing exactly novel about Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys(!), Zara or Madewell, but when you live in a city without access to any of them, I can assure you that the site of that particular square block of real estate is intensely satisfying. While you’re there…

2. Treat yourself to a crab louie salad at the Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus (really just an excuse to have them serve you piping hot popovers with strawberry butter). And, though it’s tempting to splurge on an order of their famous chocolate-chip cookies, skip it and instead…

3. Have a cappuccino and a sfogliatella at Emporio Rulli, right in the heart of Union Square, for the best people-watching ever.

4. Gorge at the Ferry Building. Or, more specifically, have an Old Fashioned cupcake and a pistachio macaron at Miette, brave the line (or try the secret window around the corner) for a(nother) cappuccino at Blue Bottle, then grab a pack of S’mores Bites from Recchiuti, and a pot of olive oil lip balm from McEvoy Ranch to take home. Sit on a bench outside, watch the ferries go by, and take in a postcard-perfect view of the oft-overlooked Bay Bridge. Speaking of gorging…

5. Gary Danko. Lobster risotto and a cheese cart…what else do you need to hear?

6. Fillmore Street. Any time you see Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Adler and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the same block, go there. Follow up with some great window-shopping (or thrifting, if that’s your thing), a stop at Heidi Says Shoes, and a leisurely browse at Browser Books.

7. Hayes Valley. This ‘hood has grown by leaps and bounds since I last visited, and it might just be my new favorite shopping spot. Besides Miette’s Confiserie (best candy shop ever!), there’s serious fashion to be had. The vintage selection at Ver Unica and Reliquary is unprecedented – even I couldn’t resist (as evidenced by that fly leopard coat that followed me home). Then there’s Dish, which is so much my perfect boutique that I could have closed my eyes, pointed to literally anything, and bought it without looking, knowing I’d love it forever. Nida (why don’t these stores have e-commerce?!) is pretty wonderful too, if only for their selection of Isabel Marant and Athe by Vanessa Bruno.

8. Eat in North Beach (aka “Little Italy”). Preferably at Sodini’s, my personal favorite for old-school Italian charm. But wherever you dine, finish at Mara’s for a cannoli.

9. Palace of the Legion of Honor. Nothing whatsoever to do with food or shopping (are you shocked?), but still one of my favorite places ever. It’s all peace, calm and beauty, as far as the eye can see…with a stunning clifftop view of the bay and that big red bridge.

10. Stay at the Huntington Hotel, and spend a day at the Nob Hill Spa. But more on that awesomeness tomorrow…

I’d love to know what you’d add to the list!

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and so it begins: the neiman marcus christmas book

i know, i know, i’m contributing to the problem in which thanksgiving is completely passed over in favor of getting a jump on the christmas cheer.  but now that we’re officially past halloween, i couldn’t resist sharing these goodies for one more moment.

every year, it’s not the appearance of twinkle lights, or tree lots, or drugstores decked out in cheap christmas candy that gets my engines revved for the holiday season.  no – it’s the arrival of the neiman marcus christmas book in my mailbox.  sure, i love all of the usual goodies neiman’s has to offer.  but really, it’s the over-the-top, if-i-were-a-gazillionaire gifts that i utterly adore.  like nothing else you’ll ever see, the neiman marcus christmas book is pure genius when it comes to fantasy-grade decadence.  and believe me, i can spin quite a fantasy life from some of these gifts.

for example.  if you’re ever wondering what melinda buys for bill gates – i mean, talk about the man who has everything – how about a custom pool art installation by legendary glass artist dale chihuly?  assuming he doesn’t already have one.


or how about a life-sized gingerbread house designed by dylan lauren (of dylan’s candy bar fame).  it stands more than 6 feet tall and is made of 381 lbs of gingerbread and 517 lbs of royal icing, not to mention the thousands of lollipops, gumdrops and other goodies.  isn’t this exactly the gift you imagine little veruca salt would have demanded from her parents for christmas, after that whole willy wonka thing fell through?


if you’ve gone on one too many chartered around-the-world tours, and just can’t imagine spending one more minute in that state-of-the-art private jet, can you think of anything more relaxing than an occasional jaunt across the hudson on your very own houseboat?  especially one custom designed with viking kitchen appliances, bang & olufsen sound system, hi-def movie projector, remote-control air conditioning, and waterproof hardwood floors.  i hear stay-cations are all the rage this year.


or maybe the thing you’re really after is showing your friends just how well you did this year.  i have the perfect solution: an intimate tequila tasting party for 75 of your nearest and dearest.  naturally, you’d want only the best – perhaps a celeb event planner like, say, colin cowie, to arrange the whole thing.  and the best food you could possibly serve…maybe you could get that amazing chef todd english to do the catering.  is it weird that i think this one is actually sort of a bargain at $125,000?


personally, i’d settle for just attending that fabulous party…in what might be the most beautiful cocktail dress i’ve ever seen.  leave it to alexander mcqueen to make me swoon for lace and swarovski crystals.

Picture 1

alas, i’m almost certain none of these fantasies are coming true this holiday season.  but a girl can dream!  in the meantime, i have managed to pick out one thing that’s actually within the realm of reality.  like, say, a burberry check faux-shearling jacket…a bargain, after all this decadence, at $795.

Picture 2

if the christmas book hasn’t hit your mailbox yet this year, don’t despair.  while they’re a bit picky about who actually receives the print catalog, you can peruse the whole thing online right here.  but prepare to be carried away to a world where even santa can’t begin to compete.

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stalking the sales: neiman marcus steps it up for spring

neiman marcus is having a spring sale so good, it’s making me reconsider my longstanding boycott of their online store (a very long story involving a dispute over some ill-fitting prada shoes which had not been worn, i don’t care what they say.  but i digress…).  anyway, the sale is fabulous, especially with regard to spring shoes.  you get to take an additional 25% off the discounted price of everything that’s already on sale, plus free shipping at any price (with code SHOPNM).

if you haven’t splurged yet this season, may i suggest:

from left to right:  michael kors bristol wedge, $118 from $225; antik batik gladiator sandal, $108 from $215; loeffler randall brynn thong, $163 from $325; cole haan air phoebe woven rope sandal, $84 from $168; prada espadrille wedge, $193 from $385; stuart weitzman leather wedge espadrille, $163 from $325; tory burch lizard-print reva flat, $118 from $235; tory burch espadrille flat, $58 from $115;  joie wingtip flat, $149 from $198.

not to mention all of the lovely, lovely loefflers on sale, and some elizabeth and james stacking rings i’m seriously considering.

just don’t test out your new shoes on a hardwood floor…trust me on this one.

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last-minute for the hostess

time to hunker down, dear readers…with only a week left to the big day, we’re getting a little limited with the online shopping opportunities.  sure, the free express shipping offers are imminent, but after last year’s blizzard (which led to closed airports and no packages), i’m taking the road more cautiously traveled.  so, from here on out, i’ll only suggest something if you could pick it up at your friendly nearby megamart.

anyway.  if you’re heading to some wonderful friend’s house for christmas eve, christmas day, or perhaps some boxing day festivities, i know all of my readers are more than thoughtful enough to know they need to bring something.  the question is what.  wine is so cliche, flowers only work if they arrive in a vase (don’t make your hostess stop what she’s doing to arrange flowers!)…what to do?

Picture 3

if you haven’t a clue, nest‘s holiday fragrance this year knocked me off my feet with its festive goodness, and is an easy but thoughtful choice.  with notes of pine, pomegranate, orange, cinnamon and cloves…well, it’s like christmas in wax.  it also comes in a gorgeous flocked red and gold box (yep, just got to say ‘flocked’ on the blog!), making it gift-wrap optional.  and the price point is actually great – grab one candle for $28, or my preference is this collection of six votives for $32.

for those of you tempting fate, neiman marcus still has free two-day shipping on any order – use code NMRUSH.

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