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sweet summer sale at tobi

It’s the last day to score 30% off sitewide (regular-priced items, at least) at Tobi, one of my favorite shopping haunts. Perfect excuse to pick up a pair of wide-leg jeans from J Brand or a sweet new summer wallet from Comme des Garcons. After all, the best kind of sale is the one with absolutely everything marked down, don’t you think?

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sweet steals: the july 4th edition

i hope you don’t mind, dear readers, but i’m a bit under the weather, so i think a long weekend is due.  however, never one to leave you without shopping options, i thought i’d give you a tempting rundown of all of those fab holiday sales happening this weekend.  i’ll do what i can to update this post as new steals and deals cross my path, so keep your eyes peeled!

picture-1 picture-2picture-3

NEW! tobi:  take 30% off sitewide with code FIREWORKS30 through 7/6.  does look like it excludes sale items, but tobi is a killer source for denim, so this is a great chance to stock up!

shopbop:  25% off all sale merchandise through 7/2!  use code EXTRA25 to score deals like this sweet little milly dress for an even sweeter $75…i highly recommend starting at the 70% off section and working your way down!

tory burch: EDIT: the 25% off code is gone, but it looks like they’ve done an across-the-board markdown to make up for it.  so, still worth checking out! 25% off all sale merchandise today only with code SALE25. this looks to be just about everything from tory’s spring line, and it’s the best sale i’ve seen in a while. i loved this dress when it first came out at $398, but now that it’s, oh, about $115? yes, please.  and could i have the clutch i’ve been searching for all summer too?  thanks.

alexis bittar: maybe not quite as exciting after those two bombshells, but excellent nevertheless. the king of costume jewels looks to have dropped prices on just about everything by 30-50%.  in honor of the holiday, i can’t resist falling for this little drippy ice cream cone necklace, but there are piles and piles of beauties to choose from.

kate boutique: my favorite santa barbara style outpost is offering 30% off sitewide with code summer09, and there are goodies galore. i’d start at the epice scarves (which never ever go on sale) and browse from there!

emily elizabeth jewelry:  the lovely designer herself tweeted to remind me she’s offering 35% off her entire site through 7/12 with code 35off.  i so wish i could blow off my budget and finally pick up that fern leaf bangle i’ve been eyeing for nearly a year.  ooh, or (and?) maybe the colin necklace…looks like it’s a new design, and utterly fabulous!

happy long weekend, everyone!  may your barbecue be hot and your hangover be short.

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spring sales, part X

picture-14   picture-21   picture-31

wow, this is a seriously damaged economy – lucky us!  

saks just announced a friends & family discount online for today & tomorrow only (in stores apr 16-19) – use code SFAFAM10 to score 25% off (20% off jewelry and 10% off cosmetics).  their site is so clogged, i had a hard time getting on – but now that i have, the completely irresponsible side of me is dying with cute overload from these sweet prada flip flops – yes, it’s $150 for flip flops, but it comes with a matching case! what, that doesn’t make it reasonable?

tobi is running 25% off sitewide too, including on sale items – use code 25EMAIL through friday.  some awesome deals to be found in the sale section, particularly if you happen to be a 25″ waist or a size small.  i’m thinking hard about these sweet nude heels from sigerson morrison – down to $206, plus another 25% off…so, about $150.  on paper, i realize i should hate these – but i’m oddly attracted to them.  i can never come up with heels i like to see with spring dresses, and these would work so perfectly!  loads of great tops from velvet, too – they’re getting a little pricey for me these days, but the sale is making them cuter.

and shopbop is running its annual tax day promo, in that annoying, staggered-spending way that tricks us into spending more than we meant to.  save $25 on $200, $75 on $400…and so on, with code TAXBREAK09, through thursday.  this rebecca taylor dress was literally the first thing i saw on the site, but i was so excited by the non-crotch-skimming hemline that i nearly keeled over.  and what a great all-purpose summer sundress, provided you’re not overly endowed in the chest department.  other than that (and the usual adoration of all shoes, bags and jewelry), this elizabeth and james plaid shirt is exactly the look i want this spring – i’ve had enough of the 80s revival and the endless shoulder pads.  pair this with faded jeans now, a cuffed blazer and shorts later in the spring, and leave it open over a lacy cami and maybe an eyelet skirt in the summer – talk about a multitasker.  of course, you’ll have to find a way to spend another $5 to get the deal.  see what i mean?  they’re tricky, those shopbop marketing people.

so, what do you think – is all of this discount madness going to shock us out of our spending hiatuses (what is the plural of hiatus, anyway?…hmm).  ahem.  anyway, will you be partaking?


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spring at inhabit


for all of the extreme shoulder pads, spikes and pleats running around this spring, sometimes i’m just in the mood for casual, reliable and soft.  enter inhabit – my all-time favorite source for all things cotton and cashmere.  no one brand can make me instantly feel cool, calm and comfy more quickly than the lovely designs from inhabit.  their brand new pieces for spring are starting to sprout on their website, and i’m already coveting a very long list of items.

that pintucked cardigan/blazer hybrid above is made of the softest, coziest cashmere…and that draping is just amazing.  and the hoodie…i love that it’s a little lower cut at the neck, and more form-fitting than your favorite sweatshirt, but no less comfy and infinitely more stylish.  plus, those extra long sleeves are awesome when my hands are cold (and i must admit, i’m completely charmed by the button detailing at the cuff!).  and the whisper-thin cotton cardigan is going to be my go-to all spring – i’m simply incapable of leaving my home bare-armed, and this is the perfect solution.

the pricing is steep, i won’t lie.  but this is one of those times that i pull out my trusty “cost per wear” analysis, and realize i’ve lived in little besides my inhabit cashmere sweaters all winter.  the truth is that i can hardly wait for warmer weather so that some inhabit cotton can make its way into my wardrobe.

oh yes…did i forget to mention they have a sale section? 😉  you can also find some great deals on inhabit over at tobi right now.  definitely worth a look!

Sale at Tobi

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spring shoe fun at tobi

i really shouldn’t be talking about shoes today, because when i start our giveaway next week, you’re going to be going shoe crazy (hint hint!).  but there are so many lovely new spring shoes at tobi this week, i couldn’t resist sharing a few favorites.

those bright purple sigerson morrison suede flats are going to be the shoes my husband is sick of seeing by the end of this spring. there’s literally nothing about them i don’t love (well, except maybe the $250 pricetag).  that bold color is about as close to the neon trend as i’ll be navigating, and i think it’s a great compromise.  i love the cutout details on the vamp, which give you a nod to fringe and a nod to punk, both without committing to either.

next up are these modified peep-toe t-straps from chie mihara.  i’ll admit i don’t normally have the love affair with this brand that some of my stylish friends do.  but these are simply amazing.  the graphic details keep the styling fresh, and the grey/black color combo makes these a great shoe to transition from winter to spring.  these would definitely work with tights, but envision them bringing a bright, swingy spring dress back down to earth.  perfection.

and i’m thrilled to see my beloved TOMS getting a frilly facelift.  this new floral pattern is just what the doctor ordered for a cheap, chic spring casual shoe.  plus, these happen to be endlessly comfortable.  i’ll be picking one up in every color.

i simply can NOT wait for this wet winter weather to abate – i’m oh-so-ready to break out the suede, peep-toed and canvas footwear.  how about you…what has you dying for spring to, well, spring?

Shop Tobi Women's Fashion

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deals of the day: a new take on preppy, and holiday markdowns

these glossy anthracite loafers from tory burch are hitting me in just the right spot today today.  they’re uptown prep meets downtown hip, and the balance is oh-so-right.  i’m dying to pair these with tights and a classic flannel skirt.  and just picture them with a great plaid schoolgirl kilt.  or, if you’re on board with the boyfriend jean trend, what a perfect way to top off (er, bottom off?) the look!

whatever you like about them, they’re marked down from $275 to $77 at plaza too today…along with all manner of other crazy deals.  

and while we’re at it, in celebration of president’s day, a couple of killer deals have crossed my path:

* 30% off sitewide on all full-priced merchandise at blue bee with code VAL0930.

* an additional 25% off sale items at tobi with code 25MORE.

those goodies should keep you busy on your day off!

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deal of the day: 25% off at tobi!

Sale at Tobi

here’s what a genius i am:  i posted a banner yesterday advertising the 25% off promo at tobi going on through tonight, and didn’t even realize what it was until today!

what it is:  completely fabulous.  use code DLSAVINGS at checkout to save 25% on everything, even sale items!  and no exclusions on the best brands, like you see sometimes.  so, have fun…just remember, it’s only good through tonight!!

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luxe or less: sporty cardigans

i’ve been obsessing over this cricket cardigan from vince for months now, ever since i spied it on the linesheets for fall.  i love the overly preppy vibe, and the potential to turn the styling completely on its head.  i’d pair it with a plaid trouser for fun, or layer a long tee underneath and accessorize with chunky jewelry or a bold scarf to keep it from being too j.crew circa 1994.  

but then, i spied this rugby cardigan over at urban outfitters…for less than $50.  look familiar?  true, the color is slightly less fabulous, and the styling is definitely less finessed.  but the price is almost $200 lower.  it begs a very frustrating question:  how much love will i really give this fun little cardi?  

and so, i turn to you, dear readers – would you spring for the luxe, or save with the less-expensive, and slightly less lovely version?

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