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editor’s picks: nordstrom anniversary sale 2014

Psst…Looking for details on the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I’ve got the scoop right here. |

It’s here, friends: Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts now! As always, I’m sharing my picks of the best (and the worst) from the Sale – time to start shopping!

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test case: the best black leggings

That’s right – no clever title, no beating about the bush. This post is a mission. It’s also ungodly long, so settle in.

For all of the shopping I do (and believe me, it’s a lot), I’ve never been able to find truly perfect basic black leggings. I’ve tried just about everything, but nothing hit the mark. Either it was a ponté knit that pilled after a few wears, or a matte knit fabric that quickly looked worn and gross, or a fabric that looked too shiny and athletic, or it was too thin and showed more than it should. I’m pretty sure this makes me the Goldilocks of black leggings, but that’s okay.

All of this is compounded by the fact that…well, I don’t really believe in leggings. That is – let me say this loudly, and with gusto – leggings are not pants. No matter how many celebrities or 19-year-olds we see doing it, I have a real problem with any sartorial use of leggings in which my ass is that plainly visible to anyone. Sorry, but I need layers – or at least pockets, for the love of god – to cover that sh!t up.

But of course, the tunic-and-leggings pairing went out with the ’90s. So, what’s a girl to do when she wants to wear her PJs out into the world without being judged?

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get gifting: in style

For some reason, this guide is always the hardest one for me…possibly because part of me thinks this whole blog is one giant style gift guide (isn’t it?). But still, I know we all have that trend-obsessed slave to fashion on our list who feels impossible to please. Take my word for it: your work’s officially done. Any one of these gifts is 100% SMC-guaranteed to put a geeky holiday grin on even the pickiest fashionista’s face.

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all in the details: classic beaded bracelet

{Editor’s Note: Top five things I never thought I’d say, but I really want that quilted vest. Like, bad. And those fox earrings. Nice picks, Kate!}

Kate M.W. ~ One of two things ends up happening when I’m thinking about accessories: either I’m naturally inspired by a piece or it falls neatly into one of the various categories that perfectly rounds out my collection, thereby making it a necessity. One of those basic necessities (…yes, I’ve used the correct term) is an understated multicoloured bracelet. A little casual, a little dressy, a little rustic, and a dash of polish. Because it goes with nearly everything, it makes the perfect addition for outfits ranging from work to play and everything in between. An ideal candidate for the job? The Market Bracelet from Jenny Bird. Deep blues, rustic reds, and basic black off-set by gold – this is the grown-up version of that beaded bracelet you inevitably both made and sported as a kid.

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currently coveting: MiH jeans

I have what friends might lovingly call a denim problem. Because I work from home, and because I live in a pretty casual part of the world (hello, fleece lovers!), I spend an exorbitant amount of time in jeans. To the point that I’ve had to have the seats in my car replaced because they’re covered in denim dye. Truly, I’ve tried to stop. But what are my alternatives? Cords? No. They make strange sounds when you walk, and leave woefully unflattering color changes when you sit. Khakis? Absolutely not. Have you ever looked at your backside in a pair of khakis?

So, what’s a girl to do?

As it turns out, the solution lies with those impossibly stylish folks at MiH Jeans. They singlehandedly resurrected the trouser/flare jean a few years back (for which I’m still thanking them), and now they’ve just launched their latest and greatest: a collection that translates their signature denim fits into a whole range of perfectly-fitting casual pants to get us through the winter.

The beauty of MiH, as with all denim, is the fit – and friends, the fits at MiH are absolutely dreamy, whatever your figure. They espouse a more structured style, which is very good news for your physique (though it does mean sizing up, so be prepared).

If you’re petite, you’re going to adore their Brighton, a cropped mid-rise style that should land right in that ultra-flattering base-of-the-calf/top-of-the-ankle zone and sit comfortably above your hips. I’m thoroughly in love with this grey flannel version which is, let’s face it, about as versatile as it gets.


Brighton in grey flannel, MiH, $202 / Dream colorblock sweater, J.Crew, $98 / Wayfarer in gold, Bass, $91 /
Wendy Necklace, Grayling, $120 / Mini Gabriella crossbody, Milly, $198 / Gold stud earrings, Marco Bicego, $405

And for my tall girls, have you met the MiH Marrakesh? Long, lean, and a stunner whether you have curves or not, this high-waisted flare does some gorgeous things for a figure, trust me. I’m head over heels for this one in hunter twill, which has such a fresh feel after all of those colored skinny jeans we were inundated with all summer.

Marrakesh in hunter twill, MiH, $205 / Hunter tee, Club Monaco, $90 / Gala jacket, Helmut, $460 /
Geo panel tote, Topshop, $190 / Sylvia Piping boot, Frye, $320 / Crystal bracelet, Zara, $26

(For the record, I can’t think of the last time I styled something in which I wanted every.single.piece. quite so badly. That blazer? Those boots? The leather-trim tee? Come on!)

If you love them as I do, don’t dally…shell out some support for MiH’s daring adventure into the world of casual pants, and let’s see if we can turn them into this season’s staples. Vote with your wallets, people!

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all in the details: threadbare bracelet

Kate ~ Occasionally I come across a detail that strikes me as the kind of piece that would work no matter your style. The Threadbare bracelet from RockLove is an example of that, from preppy (nautical knots and primary colours) to the indie chic rockers (refined leather and hardware), and with all the colours available, odds are there’s a version for you.

Comprised of an intricate leather knot, gold chain, and an anchor-and-eye clasp, this bracelet is chunky enough to be a statement on its own, yet refined enough that it could withstand a little extra arm candy. I’ve opted for the Oxblood Red, as it’s the kind of colour that could really be rocked year round.

Oxblood Threadbare Bracelet, RockLove, $115

When I first came across this, I was sitting in black cigarette pants, a khaki blazer, and that Tory Burch Scarf from a few weeks ago…quietly thinking that the Oxblood would both pick up the colours of the scarf and balance out an oversized gold watch on the opposing wrist. Nonetheless, while I have nothing against outfit repeats, this column is about being inspired by details and creative.

For the foundations, I’m reaching for end of summer staples: a cotton oxford button down (crisp and polished in shape, but soft in material), and dark denim shorts or jeans (either classic indigo or black will do). I’ve opted for neutral basics so that you’re welcome to weave in your own aesthetic in the rest of the details, whether it be rocker chic or downtown prep.

Broome Street Jeans, Kate Spade, $198 / Shrunken Oxford, Madewell, $60 / Boyfriend Shorts, Paige, $139

Playing up the arm candy of the Threadbare bracelet, I’d add a thin silk and chain wrap bracelet and bold gold studs to start out the details. Adding a patterned scarf with a touch of red ensures that the outfit doesn’t stray into monotone (eg. all bold solid colours/accents), and softens the look when just hanging casually around your neck. The bag, shoes, and belt should all pick up on either the red/gold of the bracelet, or the other tones of the scarf. Red ballet flats add a touch of fun, a thin yellow belt ties in the scarf, and a semi-structured tan bag keeps things in the light, late summer category. Now just add your favourite shades and keep your makeup fresh and minimal with extra flirty lashes.

Fish Print Scarf, J.Crew, $48 / Gold Chloe Studs, Gorjana, $40 / Silk & Chain Wrap Bracelet, Chan Luu, $98 / Yellow Belt, Gap, $30 / Regina Ballet, Frye, $128 / Biennial Satchel, J.Crew, $348

A bracelet like this allows your look to multitask, whether your style is classic or contemporary on any given morning. In addition, neutral statement pieces allow you to draw on inspiration from other accessories as well. A dash of coordination and a pinch of edge means keeps everything interesting, all in the details.

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all in the details: perfect summer tote

{Editor’s Note: A big welcome back to our accessories columnist extraordinaire, Ms. Kate of Anonymous Chic!}

It seems as though every summer I end up on a hunt for the perfect weekend tote. You know, that bright catch-all that seamlessly transitions between being a great bag to drag heels back and forth to work in, but that feels equally at home when browsing through farmers’ markets on the weekend.

Canvas, nylon, or even burlap versions are completely acceptable – but this year I’m leaning more toward something in the light to mid-weight leather category. One of my go-to’s when I’m in the market for reasonably priced and perpetually sturdy leather is always Roots, a Canadian brand that’s recently gone international. The particular tote that I’m more than a little partial to is the French Tote in Prince leather with the lovely combination of a great saddle brown and a bright sunshine yellow.

French Tote in Prince/Norwegian Leather, Roots, $150

Roots’ leather goods are essentially indestructible, and this bag should be no exception. The bag is also surprisingly lightweight, a reasonable size to make it functional without being overwhelming, and has a soft but ever-so-slightly structured shape. Plus, there’s that saturated, smile-inducing yellow to consider. Paired with the neutral upper, it’s the perfect way to try colour-blocking with confidence. Leather totes can often come in very unremarkable colours, so this primary yellow is a find…and a surprisingly easy colour to work with.

While the style is polished enough for work, I’ve got visions of it weaselling its way into my weekend wardrobe. Spring and summer foundations in my world, and with this bag, would include lightweight white button downs (with a preference for mandarin collar tunic-styles), and great dark denim shorts (rolled-cuffs completely optional and style-dependent).

White End-on-End Tunic, J.Crew, $60 / Rolled Denim Short, Banana Republic, $70

Keeping with a simple and fuss-free aesthetic, I’d add casual fabric bracelets, great sunglasses, and a punchy nail polish. For a funky statement necklace with a soul and a story, I’d add the original Falling Whistle. Shoes for this outfit are whatever screams summer to you, and works for your chosen activity: sandals, sneakers, or flats that echo that saddle brown colour in the tote are all viable options, though my inner preppy still advocates for a great boat shoe.

Lights, Essie, $8 / Falling Whistle, $34 / Indego Africa, J.Crew, $23 / Belle Sunglasses, Selima Sun for J.Crew, $118 / Kimry Sandal, Cole Haan, $158 / Regina Ballet, Frye, $128 / Woven Original Boat Shoe, Sperry, $125

Whatever you choose to pair with this summery tote, be sure it reflects your personal style – granted this bag really does give you license to be bright and playful. Just keep in mind…it’s all in the details! ~Kate

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styled alternatives: cardigan fall 2011

Have you seen all of the goodness going on at CARDIGAN this fall?

Sigh…I’m pretty sure it’s love. But, truthfully, I’ve always been smitten. Designer Lynne Hiriak has a way with creating the most covetable, classic cardis and striped sweaters – her styles have become a staple in my closet. But this season seems especially wonderful – all of those cozy, chunky knits and bold colors have me ready to curl up by a fire with a hot cup of cider.

While I’d happily snatch up absolutely anything from this collection, a couple of favorites may have made their way to my closet recently. This pretty polka dot Stella crew ($198) is the perfect step forward now that I’m feeling a bit stripe-weary. Wearing it feels just like pulling on your favorite menswear sweater – thick, warm and comfy – but this packs an infinitely superior style punch. Wearing it with jeans and a tee (you’ll want to layer, since it’s wool) is a no-brainer, but I love the idea of taking this up a notch with some warm fall colors.

Paired with: Rachel Comey Mars boot, $385; Rag & Bone Malin pant, $290; Old Navy chambray shirt, $29;
Botkier Brinks shoulder bag (again, I know- it’s just so good!), $425

As is always the case with this brand, the cardigans steal the show. I’ve gotten a compliment (or three) literally every time I’ve left the house in this beautiful Daphne cardigan ($298) – the fair isle knit is so perfect for cold weather, and oh, is it warm! I’ve paired it with everything from summery silk dresses to an all-denim look (it works, I swear!) with my Frye Engineer boots. Since casual is a cinch with a piece this classic, I thought I’d show you how to dress it up a bit.

Paired with: Linea Pelle clutch, $195; Oasis leather skirt, $160 (loving the leather skirts this season!);
Proenza Schouler silk tee
, $187; Scout & Catalogue scarf, $118; Frye Naiya platform moc, $173.

You’re feeling warmer already, right? One little tip: these are built for a very oversized look, so if (like me) that doesn’t work for you, you’ll want to size down. (Always a nice ego boost as well, right?)

Do yourself a favor and peruse CARDIGAN’s fall lookbook…if nothing else, the pictures are transportingly lovely, and it will give you oh-so-many styling ideas for the season.

Mostly, though, it’ll make you crave sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters.

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