Gift Guide: The Gourmet

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They’re your go-to for the inside scoop on the hottest new restaurants, they always have something delicious bubbling away on their stove and everyone clears their calendars when they decide to throw a dinner party. Here are a few gifts that any gourmet would love to receive for the holidays.

1. A good set of mixing bowls are a cook’s best friend, and this cobalt quartet is a striking upgrade from their generic white ceramic set.

2. Chef Lior Lev Sercarz is known for being a magician with spices. His spice blends are unexpected, fresh and meticulously sourced, instantly improving anything they’re sprinkled on. The essential spice-blend collection from his NYC shop, Le Boite, is a perfect introduction few of his most popular blends

3. For every foodie who has wanted to take a peek into Harold Dieterle’s kitchen notebook, now you can! Harold is owner of The Marrow and a Top Chef champion, and his new cookbook is packed with notes, commentary, and additional uses for star ingredients.

4. My favorite gifts are the ones that are meant for sharing. Mouth’s foodie gift baskets are filled with artisanal and unusual products. Their New Year’s basket is packed with goodies like sun-dried tomato and olive tapenade, burnt sugar and fennel shortbread, and hackleback caviar, all perfect snacks to dig into on the day after Christmas.

5. Turning veggies into a delicious (and healthy!) “pasta” alternative has been a big culinary trend this year. This tricky little spiralizer is awesome for your gluten-free friends, but also a perfect gift for anyone who loves to play with their food!

6. I don’t know about you, but it always seems to look like a tornado blew through my kitchen when I’m done cooking, making an apron an absolute necessity. This wishbone apron from The TIG is practical, yet stylish enough that they won’t have to stash it the moment their dinner guests arrive.

7. The Mast Brothers are known for being obsessive about their chocolate. The beans are transported by schooner to Red Hook, where they are then processed by hand in their shop in Williamsburg. With flavors like smoked sea salt and chili pepper, once you have a taste, I think you’ll agree it was was worth the effort.

8. Every good cook is guilty of stealing a few tastes during meal prep. A bouquet of these tasting spoons tied up with a silk ribbon would be an adorable present, perfect as a small hostess gift or paired with a delicious bottle of olive oil.

9. A great cup of espresso is an art form. This Rok Presso manual espresso machine uses pressure instead of steam (a technique that goes back to the 1950s) to create a superior brew any coffee lover will seriously appreciate.

10. There isn’t a cook alive who couldn’t use another gorgeous tea towel (or seven), and this rustic oyster print towel from Ortolan Organic is a winner for just about any foodie. It’s so pretty, there’s no need to mention that it’s made of organic cotton and handmade right in NYC…but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

11. Is there anything more comforting than cozy slippers, a good book and a hot mug of tea? Probably not, but if that mug of tea was served out of this darling little teapot, it certainly couldn’t hurt. No wonder I’ve had this one on my wishlist all year.

12. Copper pans are one of those you’ll-have-it-forever splurges that every chef dreams of. This Mauviel copper rondeau is as stunning as it is utilitarian, and will make any meal editorial-worthy. If you’re looking for a guaranteed gifting win, this is it.

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