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They joke that their home address is the Chicago O’Hare International airport, their Instagram feed is peppered with exotic locations and impromptu road-trips, and most of their stories start with “When I was in…” . Even if you can’t pinpoint their last known location, here are a list of gifts that any frequent traveler will love to receive…once they’re back in town.

1. I’ve taken to calling this trio from Zelens my “travel magic”, so I was thrilled to see them in a TSA-friendly gift set this holiday season. Keep them in your carry-on and apply during flight, and your skin will be – no kidding – flawless when you get off the plane.

2. When I travel these days, 90% of the jewelry in my suitcase is Grayling. Their pieces are the perfect travel solutions – versatile, fun and not so pricey I’m scared to pack them. This convertible Variability necklace from Grayling is my all-time favorite: it can be worn in a dozen different ways (even as a belt!), so you have plenty of variety without taking up extra space.

3. Speaking of versatile, the No. 3 B Backpack from Of a Kind is a traveler’s dream. It transforms from a backpack (the chicest version I’ve seen) in the airport to a tote bag while wandering about town, so you’ll look polished no matter where you are.

4. Finding your suitcase in the sea of identical black nylon luggage is a traveler’s nightmare, but a cheeky luggage tag from Fred & Owen solves the problem in style, and would make a great stocking-stuffer.

5. Don’t let them be one of those travelers crouching by the only two outlets in the entire airport, waiting for their devices to charge. The RAVPower juice pack holds enough power to fully recharge a smartphone, or top off their tablet or laptop.

6. We could all stand a little more organization when we travel. This Hayden-Harnett Mission tablet organizer is a sleek way to corral all your essentials: tablet, ID, cash, tickets, and itinerary. And that gorgeous red hue makes it easy to spot in even the most oversized carry-on.

7. If you’ve ever had to participate in a game of “international charades” (fun for the whole family!), you know how important it is to know at least a little bit of the local language when you travel. Any international traveler would appreciate a Rosetta Stone language learning course in their preferred language. And if they don’t have any international travel on the books yet, Spanish, Mandarin and French are always safe bets.

8. Leggings are always the first thing that go into my must-pack pile. From the plane to lounging around the hotel room to working out to traipsing around town, they’re indispensable. These days, I’m hopelessly devoted to Kira Grace’s Goddess leggings – their high-waisted cut leaves you looking more pulled together than you have any right to be in gym gear with nary a muffin top in sight. (And they wash out like a dream in the hotel sink.)

9. If they don’t already have one, a Kindle is a great gift for the voracious reader who is always trying to cram three novels into their bag. While there’s something irreplaceable about a paper book, when space is at a premium, you can’t beat being able to carry thousands of books in a device that only weighs seven ounces.

10. It’s a well-known fact that airplanes have only two temperature settings: cold and arctic. A pair of Mark and Graham cashmere slippers easily slips into a carry-on but makes a five-hour plane ride infinitely more comfy and luxurious.

11. Such a great conversation starter, this My World Personalized Map from National Geographic lets the frequent traveler proudly display all of their past trips and helps them plan their next adventure. And how cute would this version be for a little future globetrotter’s room?

12. A pouch (or five…) is an absolute necessity when packing for organizing and containing possible spills. These organizers from Flight 001 are practical and “funny because it’s true” hilarious, all at the same time.

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