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Gift Guide: The Jetsetter


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They joke that their home address is the Chicago O’Hare International airport, their Instagram feed is peppered with exotic locations and impromptu road-trips, and most of their stories start with “When I was in…” . Even if you can’t pinpoint their last known location, here are a list of gifts that any frequent traveler will love to receive…once they’re back in town. Read on

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one great thing…

I stumbled across this necklace by A Peace Treaty on Pinterest, and can’t quite get it out of my mind. How perfect would this be for summer?

I’m a big believer in upping the accessory ante in summer…mostly because my summer wardrobe is about as dull as it comes. But throw this on over a tank and jeans, and suddenly, it’s an outfit – it’s amazing what a great statement necklace can do for casualwear. Plus, it’s limited edition (if you don’t know about Of A Kind yet, prepare yourself for some serious gasping), so you get to feel like you have something special.

Let me know if you nab one, and I promise to be appropriately jealous. Unless I get there first.


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