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the how-to: packing it in

I’m guessing just about all of us are hopping on a plane sometime between now and New Year’s. Packing is always an exhausting chore, but during the holidays, everything just seems to be even harder than usual. So, I’ve enlisted my favorite jetsetter, Ms. Megan Clark, to share her tips on reaching your holiday destination in style. Besides being a seriously stylish traveler, Megan is a brilliant designer and lover of all things aesthetically-pleasing. She owns a design studio (clark-and-co.com), created an online resource for designers (theexceptionalcreative.com) and co-founded one of my favorite sites for printed goods and gifts (hifrienddesign.com). How’s that for qualified?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached my vacation destination and wish I had packed more. Or less. Or different. It never seems quite right, am I right? Last weekend I zipped down to San Diego for a girls’ weekend. It was awesome. The sun shined, the birds chirped and I actually packed properly for once. I was shocked until I thought about all of the packing adaptions I’ve made over the years. It’s a precise art, people. I’m here to share a few ways to pack properly and skip the outrageous fees you’ll incur if you check your luggage.

Tips for getting it all to fit: Read on

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