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I have a sob story for you, friends.

I received a lovely package of samples from Tara Walker (yes, Tara herself!) to introduce me to her new beauty line, Dream. I’d heard great things, and was so excited to try it! And the moment I did (literally, that very same day), I started seeing major change in my skin. The Radiance Enhancing Dream Creme did just that: it boosted radiance by a thousand percent. My skin was glowing, dewy, and generally happier with me than it’s been in a while (and that’s fresh from a trip to Vegas, which never does anyone’s skin any favors).

{Love that space-agey packaging. The product comes in mini tubes, so they stay fresh and potent as long as possible.}

Thrilled with the results, I turned to a few of Tara’s other products…which is about the time I realized that I’m allergic to the whole darn line. Heartbreaking, as the next product on my list was her Rejuvenating Dream Serum, which contains “more than 100 botanical extracts,” which sounds pretty darn promising. Probably not the right choice for a girl with violent allergies to botanical extracts, though.

If your skin gets happy (instead of mean and cranky) when it sees actual nature-based ingredients coming its way, trust me – this is a line you want to try. As for me, I’m still having a pretty serious internal debate about whether the Radiance creme is worth a few hives. Yes, it’s that good.

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One thought on “beauty buzz: tara walker’s dream

  1. Vicky

    What a shame you were allergic to these products! I have been using them for a little while now and I have fallen in love. I did get a few break outs to begin with but that’s because I was using too much of the product – I have always put a lot of moisturiser on my face because the creams I bought were often cheap. But now I use tiny amount and people are commenting on my skin, which I love! Especially after a night out!

    There is a Facebook page ( with videos on from people using the products who have sensitive skin- well all types of skin. Although non are allergic! It may be useful to see?

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