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Editor’s Note: Welcome back, Kim! I just finished reading this post (in my ratty white bathrobe, if I’m being honest)…and am now thoroughly inspired. At the very least, I’m hoping my bra and underwear will match today…and I owe it all to you, Kim.

If you’ve missed Kim’s earlier posts, you can catch up on all of her stylish Trends to Try right here.


Ah, love is in the air – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While there are countless options out there when it comes to spicing up the day for a special someone, I wanted to talk a bit about loungewear today. The line between lingerie and loungewear can be fairly fuzzy and thin. I think much of it is all about attitude.  A pair of sweats can be just as sexy as a teddy when worn right.

When I first started freelancing (and thus, spending most of my time working from home) I pictured myself investing all of my former ‘office clothing budget’ into subtly sexy loungewear. That I would just lay around the house in super comfy, beautifully made rompers, camis, and robes. Something I could step out my back door to take the dog out and not be mortified if I ran into the neighbors, but would still feel pretty in.

It was those beautiful Toast images that initially got me thinking this way…

In reality, this doesn’t usually happen.  I typically grab a pair of worn sweats, and head for the couch. But a girl can dream, right? I still hope that maybe someday I’ll become the kind of girl who effortlessly throws on one of these goodies and doesn’t even think twice. Since sometimes a little inspiration is all it takes, I thought I’d show off a few of my favorite finds of late.

I’ve been spotting more and more vintage-inspired loungewear pieces lately, and couldn’t be happier.  The whole Downton Abbey old-fashioned sexy thing can be done well when it comes to loungewear.

Pieces from Anthropologie, Aerie and Lille / top image via Karen Collins, Vogue UK 01.2003

Young, bright, flirty picks like these are always great for a sunny day…or maybe a rainy day that you want to feel sunny!

DKNY / H&M / Betsy Johnson

Of course, no loungewear post could be complete without a little shout out to the Mall Queen herself, Victoria’s Secret. If only we all could be Angels

Our wonderful editor, Becki, introduced me to byLangley when I was starting this round up, and I am in LOVE with so many pieces from their collection…

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling it’s time to put the sweatpants back in the drawer for a while. If you are a girl who casually lounges around with effortless sex appeal (or who’s at least trying hard), I’m looking forward to your tips and trick in the comments!  ~Kim B.

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