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a genius moment: my trench remodel

i’m so pleased with my latest brainstorm, i can hardly stand it. it all started with tan trench coats invading the spring runways. slowly, it creeped into my brain that i actually owned such a coat – albeit one from at least five years ago, and not something i’d considered terribly stylish (hence its residence in the very back of my guest room closet). but these new trenches were hip and perfect, and i couldn’t figure out why.

finally, it dawned on me…black buttons! for some reason, it’s all about the black buttons – the contrast in color adds the perfect edge to this classic. then, i started seeing them paired with that amazing military belt from burberry prorsum. if you haven’t seen it, it’s $350 and, if that weren’t prohibitive enough, it’s also sold out absolutely everywhere.

i knew there had to be a better way. and so, i’ve turned my lust for this:

(wait…go back and take another look at that belt. so fabulous, i can’t stop thinking of ways to wear it!)

…into reality with this:

yep, that’s my old tan trench (find something like it here or here) + the application of larger black buttons (thank you, tailor) + a quick google to track down *actual* military belts = exactly the style i wanted for spring, and it was in my closet the entire time. my tailor wanted about $15 for the button swap, and the belt is a very thrifty $9.99, leaving me with a whole new piece for under $25. not bad for a little brainstorming! plus, that little $10 belt is going to do some serious work this spring – i already have plans to pair it with pastel cardigans and cutoff shorts, and to edge up my girly floral summer dresses.

now i’m finding myself trying to figure out what else in my closet could stand a little updating. is anything in your wardrobe ready for a remodel?

(editor’s note:  my belt arrived! and it’s fabulous in person – just what i was hoping for!   a little tip on sizing: make sure you measure your waist.  the sizes listed are exact lengths for the belts…i guessed based on my denim size, and was totally off.  i’d say a small would fit you if you wear up to a 28 in denim; if you’re a 29-32, you’ll want the medium.)

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