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compulsive design: decorative desks

That mega house-redesign project I’m working on (the series starts next week!!) has really brought out the compulsive shopper in me. Give me a retail task, and I’m like a frantic, obsessive beagle tracking a scent….no way am I giving up until I find that thing! So, I shop and shop (and shop), looking for every.possible.option, until I’m so sick of whatever I’m looking for that I can’t stand the thought of seeing one more, ever.

Then, inevitably, just as I’m ready to move so that I don’t have to find a console table at all, the right option materializes.

So, I was thinking….I might as well put some of that obsessive hunting to good use and share it. What do you say? Are you up for a little more chatter about design?

With that, a few of my favorite desks from the latest compulsive hunting project:

Left to right, from top: Josephine desk in light blue, World Market, $140 / Parsons desk in diamond-weave grasscloth, West Elm, $499 / Beckett desk, Serena & Lily, $899 / Besta-Burs desk in white (also in black and red), Ikea $269 / Ava desk in nickel (also with wood base), Pottery Barn, $499 / Go-cart desk in chartreuse (also in orange and carbon), CB2, $149

I was looking for something feminine, but not girly. Something I could put in an office that my hubs wouldn’t be embarrassed to use occasionally. And, most important of all, something with a very light footprint that would sort of disappear into the room. My office/guest room/library has become a furniture graveyard – currently, it boasts four bookcases, a queen bed, a giant upholstered chair, filing cabinets and a cedar chest. Adding a desk to the mix almost seems cruel, but I’ve got work to do!

What did I end up with? It’s all in the reveal, friends. I know, such a tease. Mark your calendars – my home redesign series starts next week!

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cheap thrill: the perfect caftan

Summer is about the only time of year during which I open myself up to “cheap” pieces. Those espadrilles that will inevitably wind up speckled with cherry Slurpee stains, the tank tops that lose their shape from all that sun and sweat, and the sundress you’ll be wearing so often, the very sight of it will hurt your eyes come September – none of them warrant splurges. Instead, I’m perpetually on the hunt for the pieces I’ll use and abuse for the next three months, then be perfectly content to send off to greener pastures, or pleasantly surprised if they manage to survive.

Over the weekend, I popped into Cost Plus World Market in search of patio furniture for my new digs. Instead, I found the cutest little section of summer apparel! Who knew? Loads of pitch-perfect tunics, maxidresses and sarongs, all in actual cotton (no polyester that I saw), so they’ll be as light and airy as you’re hoping. I nabbed this adorable kaftan, took it home, and…friends, it’s pretty fantastic for $20.

One size really does fit all, the waist cinches in at just the right spot, and it’s long enough to be worn solo (it hits right above my knee). Sure, I might not win a sexpot award, but all that draping is actually pretty flattering. It’s going to be just the thing for those sweltering summer days when I don’t want a thing touching me…and it would make a dream cover-up for your next poolside vacation. All of their apparel is 20% off this week, so head in (plus, you get a free subscription to Martha Stewart Living with a $30 purchase). But you’ll have to beat me there – I’m off to buy one in another color.

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