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must read: maya’s notebook

Maya's Notebook, via Shopping's My Cardio

Friends, a couple of weeks ago, I had one of those life experiences that gets me really excited about writing. More often than not, those experiences involve meeting other writers. But this time, it wasn’t just another writer – it was Isabel Allende.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, let me say this: if you ask me for a book that will change you – really and truly change the way you think about reading and about writing – I will send you a copy of The House of the Spirits. (No, really…I’ve sent it to at least a half dozen people.) Her writing is like nothing else. It is lyrical, epic, and more full of imagination and impossibilities than anything I’ve ever experienced.

So, when I heard she was giving a lecture nearby to launch her newest book, Maya’s Notebook, the wonderful people at Harper (her publishers) were kind enough to let me attend. And it was remarkable. Read on

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weekend read: the gifted gabaldon sisters

spanning more than 20 years, the gifted gabaldon sisters tells the story of four sisters who are bequeathed “gifts” from an old native american housekeeper who cares for them after their mother passes away.  it’s hard to give up details of the gifts without spoiling critical plot points (and i do so hate spoiler reviews), but the results of the housekeeper’s gifts become the stories of the sisters’ lives.  the characters are written incredibly well – even when the plot hits a slow point, you’ll stick it out because you’re so invested in the stories of these sisters, and in the women themselves.

i’m a die-hard fan of isabel allende, and this book carries on the tradition of her writing style:  fanciful, exaggerated fiction (almost like a fairytale), yet set in such a lifelike setting, you find yourself believing whatever comes along.  if you’ve read books like the house of the spirits (a truly amazing book that’s on my all-time top five list) and loved them, the gifted gabaldon sisters is definitely a must-read for you.  and if you love fiction but haven’t been introduced to the unique stylings of hispanic writers like allende, gabriel garcia marquez and laura esquivel, this would be a great place to start.

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