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beauty buzz: bobbi brown’s ivy league collection

i recently got to play around with bobbi brown’s new color collection for fall.  dubbed “ivy league,” the entire line is done in shades of green.  the goal is collegiate, and there’s definitely a bit of a dark, “gossip girl” effect when used as a whole, but separate them out, and i actually quite like the green!

i can tell you that if i’d inherited my mother’s perfect, olive, i’ve-never-been-sunburned-in-my-life skin (sigh…if only!), you wouldn’t be able to pry a single piece of this collection out of my hands.  the eye shadows in paticular would be amazing on someone with more yellow than pink to their skin (especially the golden leaf shimmer shadow, a gorgeous shade of olive!).  i know makeup colors can be trickier for those with yellow undertones – ladies, this is your collection!

the dark green eyeliner and creamy eye pencil had me a little suspect…i’m pretty boring in the eyeliner department, and generally stick to brown (black just seems over the top on me).  but, in the interest of science, i tested both the creamy eye pencil in hunter and the long-wear gel eyeliner in forest shimmer. for some reason, i always have an easier time with those pots of gel eyeliner…i can never get pencils to apply properly.  but i actually found the bobbi brown pencil worked better than others i’ve tried – it has a great, creamy texture and the built-in smudger helps even things out.  and the green was a fun (and surprisingly subtle) change from brown, without being as severe as black – i definitely feel more “made up” than normal when i wear it, but in a good way.

my absolute favorite thing in the line are their lip crayons, which are (finally!) a permanent part of their line.  built like a jumbo lip pencil, these go on as smooth as a lipstick, but a bit more sheer, and much easier to control.  plus, as always, no one does lip colors as well as bobbi brown, so there are six flawless shades to love.

so, the moral of the story?  the lip crayon is spot-on perfect, whoever you are.  and the green eyeliner is a blast if you’re looking to shake things up a bit.  but if you’re one of those women who just can’t wear pink, trust me – the new eye colors are a must for you!  grab them at bobbi brown’s website…but hurry, these limited edition collections can sell out ridiculously fast.

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