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get gifting: for the boys

i can pick great gifts for the women in my life blindfolded.  but men?  they’re an entirely different story.  whether it’s a husband, a dad or a brother, something about buying for guys is just baffling, unless you want to go to the old standby of cologne, a watch or a pair of cufflinks.

i’ve left out the obvious choices…something tells me you don’t need to be reminded that a 52″ HDTV is high on his list.  but if you’re looking to head off the beaten path a bit this year, here are a few that are absolutely sure to make just about any guy smile.

Picture 10Picture 7

Picture 6

Picture 8

left to right, from top: marshall major headphones, $99; native(x) pendleton wool scarf, $20; clinique expert shave kit, $31 (love the waterproof dopp kit it comes with); boccalone artisan cured salumi gift box, from $25; logitech harmony rechargeable remote control, $106; ecco personal digital compass GPS locator, $70; merrell guise men’s jacket (converts into neck pillow for travel!), $129;  filson small duffle bag, $225; byrd and belle felt/leather ipad sleeve, $48.

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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currently coveting: a new leaf at merrell

this post is dedicated to all of you dear readers who love style but can’t give up your precious high performance gear.  i’m for style over function every day of the week, but i know there are those among you (hello, residents of portland!) who would rather be warm than cute, and who would rather have comfortable feet than, well, just about anything.  fortunately, it seems we may not have to choose after all.  i came across some of the new offerings from merrell recently, and honestly, i was shocked.  i couldn’t even believe how much i loved some of the pieces i spotted.

the haven toggle coat is my absolute favorite of the lot…in fact, it’s one of my favorite coats i’ve seen all season.  in person, the fabric is almost a flannel texture, but it’s total merrell-quality performance:  water-resistant, toasty inner lining, and virtually impervious to the elements.  i’ve finally found something warm enough to warrant ditching my puffer coat…i’m sorry, but there just is no way to make a puffer flattering.  this one’s every bit as warm (in fact better, because it seems to work wonders at just keeping you warm, without letting you overheat), and infinitely more stylish.

their sweatshirt-inspired cardigans are absolutely perfect for weekend errand-running.  i love that they look like sweaters but are actually closer to a fleece fabric, making them (again) super warm and cozy.  the longer black zip cardi would be just the thing for dashing from your yoga studio to your car.  and the little black flats?  sure, they’re not the sexiest thing ever, but i have a pair just like them, and i can tell you they get a staggering amount of wear in my wardrobe.  they’re great in just about any weather, and i can walk for miles in them.  definitely a good cardio shopping shoe.

and really, how can you not love the flower on that sweet cream beret?  it reminds me of a certain famous camelia, in fact, but for about 1/150 of the price.

as you’re shivering your way through this week, take a look at some of the new goods from merrell’s fall collection…i have a feeling you’ll be as shocked pleasantly surprised as i was.

(FTC disclosure: some product samples were very kindly provided by merrell, but i would never write something up unless i loved it. bribery is not chic.)

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