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off the rack: amy sacks sunnies

It’s no secret I spend a little too much time “researching” for the blog (ie, overshopping on the www). But I do it because every so often, a true treasure crosses my path, and I just know the day’s toil was worthwhile. My latest treasure? Amy Sacks eyewear. I was introduced to them by a darling buddy of mine, and friends – this is a company you want to know about.

I’m a fan of glasses from way, way back. When I was a kid, I faked a bad eye test to get my first pair, but soon realized that wasn’t a great long-term strategy. In high school, I treated myself to a pair of faux-glasses – from Camp Beverly Hills, thank you very much. They were red, and I was in love…but my forward-thinking style hadn’t quite caught up with the mocking teen set, and they were retired to a drawer somewhere.

Sadly, my vision persists in being 20/20, so, no glasses for me. But when a doc recently suggested amber-tinted sunnies to help with some other vision issues, I could hardly wait to track down my first legitimately custom pair! Fortunately, Amy Sacks will make any pair you’d like into reading glasses, prescription eyeglasses or custom-tinted sunglasses, and they were sweet enough to invite me in to pick a pair for myself. Want to see?

{Get it? Frames with frames…}

These awesome Wayfarer-inspired frames are so much cooler than I had ever hoped for. First of all, they’re the first Wayfarer I’ve ever been able to wear. Amy Sacks has done something wonderful to the top arch, making them suddenly suitable for those of us who can’t wear those completely straight styles. In fact, I do believe they’d be flattering on absolutely everyone.

That said, the brand has about a zillion styles to choose from – all utterly flattering (I was amazed, in fact), completely unique, and perfect for you lucky four-eyed ladies. And they’re so darn sweet to work with! They let me try on styles to my heart’s content, offered advice, and when I finally settled on a pair, they actually ordered them in with two different lens colors so I could test them out. For all that selection, help and fantastic service, those sunnies (that are now my go-to pair) were only $85. Irresistible.

If you’re a Portland local, you can call and set up a time to stop by (tell them I said hello!), or find them at a few of my favorite boutiques in town. If you’re not, they have free shipping, free return shipping (they’ll even send you a bevy of frames to check out in person, and you can just send them back once you pick your favorite), and a lifetime warranty. Oh, and part of their proceeds go to save homeless puppies via the Pixie Project. How much more could you ask of your glasses?

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