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what i want today: menswear-inspired wrist watch

i don’t normally go for the menswear-style watches…at least not for myself. love them on others, but i always feel the styling is off for me. but i ran into this max bill version over at velocity art and design, and it was love at first sight. the size is right for that menswear look, but the styling is so understated that it could easily be interpreted as feminine. plus, it has just the right touch of antique detailing – it looks exactly like something you picked up from your grandfather’s dresser. i do so love to see classic pieces done exactly right, and this is a perfect example.

$580 at velocity, but lucky magazine was kind enough to score a 25% off coupon, sitewide (which, i’ll be honest, i’m going a little crazy with). use code luckybreaks11 at checkout.

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asked and answered: the gold watch

yay, reader mail!

Dear SMC,
Sometimes I like to wear gold jewelry for fun (like Carrie said on Sex in the City). While I don’t want a gold engagement ring, I like to play with the gold trends. Problem is, my watches are all silver toned. Can you recommend a gold toned watch that a. won’t break the bank and more importantly b. won’t make me look like an extra on Snoop Dog’s tv show.
The girl without a matching watch

wow. didn’t even know snoop dog had a TV show, so that shows you where i’m coming from. but i digress.

the gold watch is a little tricky, but i think it can be done very tastefully (ie, in a way that does not make you scream with terror, like this D&G watch did when i spotted it).

the easiest way, of course, is a leather band on a watch with gold trim. it’s probably wrong to start with my favorite pick, but this one’s it. this version is incredibly classic, incredibly chic, and looks infinitely more expensive than its $170 pricetag. i can completely envision audrey hepburn sporting this beauty. (a little tip: this has a reversible face, but i’d just ignore that feature – the white face is so much more feminine!)

a variation on that theme would be this lovely tortoise version by michael kors. the gold trim on the face is just enough to tie it in with your yellow gold jewelry, and if you like your watches oversized, this is a great way to pull off that look in style. if the color is too dark for you, check out this horn version, which is equally gorgeous.

i normally run screaming from two-tone jewelry, but somehow, i think it works on this juicy couture watch. the fact that the gold band is leather softens the look, and the silver-tone face will make you feel better about mixing white and yellow gold jewelry.

last, but not least, if you’re set on a gold bracelet for your watch, just make sure you keep it delicate. you want it to look like a piece of jewelry, not necessarily a timepiece. so, look at the band that way – would you wear it as a bracelet? if so, go for it…if it’s too big/bold/bright, just say no.

one trick with yellow gold is to look for vintage pieces (or at least, vintage styles). the older styles seem to soften the overall look, and keep it from being too “bling”. on this version by bulova, i also love the slight rose tint this piece has – you’ll have no trouble mixing white gold with this one, if you want to.

this bulova is pretty without being overly girly, and has just a hint of art deco style to make the yellow gold really work. plus, the shape stays slim enough that the gold doesn’t take over your look.

ditto for this gorgeous burberry version – though it’s definitely the priciest of the bunch, it has amazing style potential. i love the pocket watch styling, and the subtle check print on the face is just the right amount of brand ID.

i hope this gives you some fantastic ideas – let us know what you end up with!

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