etsy of the day: kim westad pottery

yep, another etsy obsession. i stumbled across the very talented kim westad’s work during one of my marathon etsy-browsing sessions, and i’m completely smitten. her pieces are all incredibly functional, but they’re also gorgeous, unique, and just ooze personality.

i snapped up one of these sweet peas pictured above (love the name!) as soon as i spied it – talk about love at first sight! but i haven’t quite decided how to use yet. it’d be perfect to hold makeup brushes, but i almost hate to hide it away in the bathroom. it would also be gorgeous on my mantle. or in my kitchen, holding a couple of flowers…hmm, maybe i need more than one…

but, it’s hard to decide if i need two of those, or whether i’d rather take advantage of the fact that kim sells her seconds on her etsy shop, so i could score this stunning crocus vase for $60, which is a pretty amazing deal on such a gorgeous piece of art. this would make a fabulous grouping on a shelf, with the sweet pea, the crocus vase and maybe a piece from the jonathan adler menagerie (which i’m still coveting with a vengeance) – maybe a hippo or a giraffe.

i love these whirl serving dishes as well – they’d be gorgeous either as a serving piece or just empty on a coffee table. and i’d love to snap up a whole set of these gorgeous soup bowls in all sorts of colors. heck, i’d be thrilled with two or three of just about everything kim has to offer. wouldn’t you?

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3 comments on “etsy of the day: kim westad pottery

  1. Designs by Jenean

    I am very impressed with kim westad’s work. I have just added her shop to my favorites on etsy. I will be buying a piece in the future. Thanks for featuring her shop.

  2. michelle

    Kim’s work is amazing and she’s also super-nice – I’ve purchased from her at the Bust Craftacular that was held in NYC.

  3. Jessie

    These are beautiful! I always love pottery. For those celebrating anniversaries pottery is the traditional gift for year 8.Thanks SMC

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