SMC must read: eccentric glamour!

say no to ho! talk about a mantra in the making. simon doonan’s new book, eccentric glamour, is a veritable parade of mantras, and i couldn’t put it down. every page bears timeless advice that all of us glamorous gals should have in our back pocket, delivered in the way only a true fashion diva could.

in between the digs at the paris hilton-style tartlets that parade as fashionistas, doonan (creative director at barney’s new york – not to mention stylish spouse to the most fabulous jonathan adler) offers timeless tips on creating not just a perfect look, but a style that’s unique, with just a touch of eccentricity. or, maybe more than a touch. interviewing icons of eccentricity like iman, kelly wearstler, and lucy liu,doonan uses their unique style to teach by example.

doonan can be comically brutal, relating a tale in which he cautioned america’s next top model contestants against “letting their clothes write checks that their personalities cannot cash.”

but he can also be brilliant, suggesting we approach our personal style like an objective third party. rather than allowing fashion to become a source of stress and confusion, as it often can, doonan advises us to “[a]bandon the role of insecure, sweaty, nervous ingenue, you are dressing an important star who has her own iconic look. yourself!” he adds, “[e]ach and every blouse and pocketbook has the potential to communicate something horribly fatal or utterly fabulous about you.”

this book is a must-read for any die-hard fashion addict – doonan is sharp, witty, and unfailingly fashionable. between his advice and the amazing fashion icons he’s interviewed, you’re sure to pick up a slew of fashion confidence, as well as a few tips and tricks. but more than that, it’s the perfect gift for a teenage girl who’s just learning about fashion and developing her style. and it’s also on my list for that woman we all know who’s relying too much on short skirts and tight tops as a substitute for true “fashion.”

grab your copy today, and when you’re done reading, pass it on to a friend who’s in dire need of some sound style counsel.

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