prismera’s perfect multitasker

i received this gorgeous necklace well before the holidays, and well, there’s just no excuse for not sharing it with you sooner.  it’s by the always amazing prismera design…i swoon over just about everything they come up with.  but the real genius in this piece is that it’s actually a three-in-one!

wear the whole thing as a long, multi-element necklace, or break it apart – the silver/copper portion detaches to becomes a bracelet:

and you’re left with that lovely, simple laser-cut flower on an 18″ gold chain to wear separately.  genius!  i love to see designers coming up with ways to maximize your investment when times are tight, and prismera definitely did it right.  $70 for three new pieces is borderline philanthropic, don’t you think?  plus, i’m thinking this is maybe the ultimate no-thought-required travel jewelry ensemble, all in one pretty piece.

as with all of prismera’s designs, this one won’t be around forever…so if you love it, nab it now!  (a little tip: signing up for the prismera newsletter before ordering will score you a discount code!)

have a great weekend, everyone…see you next week!  i have some perfect valentine ideas up my sleeve for you and the love in your life, so stay tuned.

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