utterly unenthused by the spring shoe selection

time for a little wednesday rant.  normally, i look forward to spring and summer not at all – i’m just a girl that likes to layer, and loves her scarves, and summer just does not allow for either of those.  and then, there’s the fact that i strongly dislike being above 70 degrees.

but even in the depths of my despair, i always know that even when spring fashion disappoints, i’ll have all of those lovely spring sandals to fall back on.  sadly, not this year.  this year, they’re just…yuck.  woven peep toe boots, *more* gladiators, prep school oxfords and clogs?!  (okay, the oxfords may not be all bad.)  normally, the unveiling of all of those warm weather shoes put a definite spring in my step, but this season’s “hot” shoes have left me pretty cold.

the source of this rant?  an email this morning from saks, telling me to check out all of their hot new contemporary shoes for spring.  to-wit:

Picture 3

those were the first four shoes that came up.  are you depressed yet?  seriously, am i expected to wear these messes?

Picture 7Picture 6

(okay, so maybe those elizabeth and james sandals on the right are actually kind of cute. but what exactly are those shoes on the left? they’re like keds…gone very, very wrong.)

personally, i’m rebelling…if this keeps up, i’ll spend the summer in my sperry topsiders (oh, and those luscious loeffler randalls i nabbed a few weeks back…), and not a single new shoe box will enter my closet until next fall.

what do you think of this season’s choices?   i’ll admit, there were a couple of styles mixed in that didn’t make me want to hurl (and don’t worry – i’ll be weeding them out for you)…but for now, i’m a little blue.

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4 comments on “utterly unenthused by the spring shoe selection

  1. kate @ {wit + delight }

    OMG i totally agree with you!! i bought a pair of leather peeptoe booties last spring and they were uncomfortably warm and unseasonal.

    i’m looking forward to your finds- i’m pretty down about the spring shoe selection too 😛

  2. Meagan

    These all look hot for spring. And hot as in what Kate posted, not haute hot. And isn’t this the third season for gladiators? I’m all for shoes that I can wear season in and season out, but gladiators are so trendy that I’m tired of them. OK, I’ll stop whining now.

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