all in the details: geometric statements!

{Editor’s Note: Oh, summer…the only time of the year I’d even consider trying to pull off this stunning statement-maker. Thanks for making me dream big, Kate!}

Bold necklaces are one of the easiest ways to transform an outfit, and a great way to add saturated pops of colour.  If you can find a reasonably priced trendy necklace, it makes appearing pulled together and completely contemporary an absolute breeze.  Geometry, a touch of tribal, and concentrated pastels all come together in this particular necklace from Zara.

Necklace with Coloured Geometric Panels, Zara, $20

It’s easy to overdo the feminine vibe in summer, so the slight touch of edginess in this necklace is a great counterpoint, and the fresh seasonal colours keep it current. It’s an excellent “no-thought” piece. You could even accessorize with just this, and let earrings, bracelets, and the rest of the works be completely optional (…not that I’d ever be caught advocating for that…). Given the colours, length of the necklace, and size of the piece, though bold, it’s not going to look the same on everyone. There are a phenomenal number of ways to style this that move from day to night, and casual to corporate.

Black Blazer, Zara, $80 / Molly Mid-Rise Jeans, Mavi, $55 / Denim Shirt, Lands’ End, $40

Since white jeans are such a summer staple (the finer points of which were discussed by our dear editor not long ago), this week’s foundation uses those as a base. What works about using this as a foundation to your outfit is that they balance out the necklace as opposed to either one taking centre stage. Paired either with a black blazer (this particular one from Zara has a little stretch and is great for summer) and white tee for a more polished look, or a classic denim shirt, the jeans can really take on your own personal style. Either option gives off that cool and confident vibe, letting the necklace speak volumes without competing with the other components of your outfit.

Ball Studs, Ralph Lauren, $24 / Ball & Chain Bracelet, Carol Marie, $58 / Woven Hobo, Sondra Roberts, $268 / Kimry Wedge, Cole Haan, $198 / Achilees, Steve Madden, $60

I know I said you could get away with absolutely no other accessories, but I wouldn’t be living up to my job as a details junkie if I didn’t include at least a few picks.  Add oversized silver bead studs, a coral lip, and a bold but refined brushed silver bracelet that echoes the chain and bead detail of the necklace. Shoes should be of the black, strappy, and full of attitude variety, whether you go with a flat gladiator or something with a bit of a heel. Add a casual black hobo bag, and easy summer waves in your hair, and nonchalance might just become your middle name.

This week is about balance, about adding striking details to classic pieces. As always, it’s all in the details.  ~Kate

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