white denim: the how-to

Every so often, I find myself on a fashion mission. This year, it’s been all about white. Finding the most flattering, versatile pieces, and – most importantly – figuring out how to wear it. Especially for those of us who aren’t impossibly tall, thin and tan, white is a tricky thing. It’s sheer, so it makes underpinnings tricky, and it highlights every curve, which isn’t something we always want. But it’s time to embrace the white, friends…we can do it!

I’ve already tracked down the perfect white tee for you, and some fantastic white trousers. But really, the holy grail of summer whites is the perfect white jean. And they are tricky! Skinny styles are all but impossible to pull off, but if you go too loose, you veer into bum sag territory, which isn’t good.

Let me introduce you to Molly. She’s from Mavi Jeans (a new favorite of mine), and friends…she is perfect.

Molly straight-leg jeans, Mavi, $80

Straight-cut leg and a mid-rise, both of which are a must to keep the look tailored. A touch of stretch to make them comfortable, but plenty of structure to keep you sucked in. The denim is sturdy enough to avoid divulging bulges, without veering into thick, mom-grade territory. And they’re impossibly well-priced at $80, so you won’t blow a gasket when you inevitably stain them.

Once I’d tracked down the perfect pair, of course, the next matter was styling. First things first: you want nude, seamless boyshorts underneath. Even so, in general, I’m a fan of treating white denim a bit like leggings: keep the bum covered. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but it’s a great place to start from, especially if you’re white-phobic like me.

From there, you have a dozen places you can go. But a couple of my favorites:

{Classic kurta, Roberta Roller Rabbit, $69 / Cyrus sandal, K.Jacques, $224 / Kyna Wise sandal, Clarks, $90)

It’s the easiest outfit you’ll put together all summer. Of course, if you want to take it up a notch:

{Diane Burnout Tunic, Alternative Apparel, $40 (size up for that slouchy fit!)}

You can stop right there – add the K.Jacques sandals from above, and you’re easy weekend perfection. But I happen to be pretty crazy for dressing up the whites. So, my favorite look?

Top: Sliver blazer, Rag & Bone, $495 / Happy crossbody bag, Dooney & Bourke, $199 / Seville espadrille, J.Crew, $98; Bottom: Trim blazer, Woodford & Co, $326 / Rope necklace, kikinyc, $195 / Sperry Top-Sider, $98

Oh, there are so many great blazers this season! I could have gone on for days picking favorites. But these two will give you such different looks, and they’re pitch-perfect for this time of year. Plus, ditch the blazer after work and you’re still stylish enough for happy hour with friends.

So, talk to me…have you already taken the white denim plunge, or are you still standing by the side of the pool?

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2 comments on “white denim: the how-to

  1. Alexis @ Lex & Learn

    I just bought my first slouchy Alternative brand t-shirt (one in white and one in black) and am in LOVE. I hate spending money on such basics but the $40 price tag seemed reasonable and the fit is killer.

  2. John

    A lot of fashion tips on this site. I am not a GQ type person, so any help I can get to appear to be is great.

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