make over my house: the perfect side table

{Random aside: Was there ever a more boring post title? Hubs has been telling me to make my titles more search-engine friendly. “SEO” may be the least sexy phrase ever uttered.}

I think it’s safe to assume you’ve all seen the house by now, right? And I bet not one of you noticed that there wasn’t a side table to be seen anywhere in that beautiful new living room. But I can tell you that the Hubs and I noticed. Every single day. Side tables are one of those things you take for granted…until you don’t have one and you’re setting your water on the floor and the dogs are drinking out of it, or you knock it over and have to clean a whole glass of water out of a shag rug.

So. Side tables. They’re important.┬áBut for some reason, our new living room was side-table-challenged. Like Goldilocks, positively nothing would work. We tried those ceramic garden stools everyone loves now. We tried my great-grandfather’s antique tables (which I’ve used in every house I’ve ever lived in). We tried poufs. We tried virtually every option at West Elm. Everything was getting in the way, impeding traffic flow, and generally standing out instead of fitting in.

What we finally ended up with was kind of a genius little number from Restoration Hardware.

It’s called the Martini side table, and I can’t decide if that’s because it’s as cool and classic as a martini or because it’s the perfect height to set one beside the couch while you languorously sip cocktails and lounge your day away.

Either way, I love so many things about this table. I love that it all but vanishes into the decor, but has just enough detail to give it plenty of oomph. I love that it’s the exact height of the arms of our sofa, so no awkward downward reaches to grab my tea in the morning. I love how sturdy they are for being so sleek. And I love that, in a pinch, you can even pull one up to the sofa and use it as a little table. Oh, I also love that they come in 2 different sizes and colors (I got the smaller ones, in bronze). Restoration Hardware is the master when it comes to offering every size you could ever want of an item, and I adore them for it.

Also, particularly as Restoration Hardware pieces go, these tables were a steal. A set of 2 is $250 on sale, which is actually less than I would have spent on those West Elm options. So, wins all around as far as I can see.

Serious thanks to the truly amazing team at RH for all of their help getting the perfect side tables to my door…and lickety-split too!

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