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make over my house: the perfect side table

{Random aside: Was there ever a more boring post title? Hubs has been telling me to make my titles more search-engine friendly. “SEO” may be the least sexy phrase ever uttered.}

I think it’s safe to assume you’ve all seen the house by now, right? And I bet not one of you noticed that there wasn’t a side table to be seen anywhere in that beautiful new living room. But I can tell you that the Hubs and I noticed. Every single day. Side tables are one of those things you take for granted…until you don’t have one and you’re setting your water on the floor and the dogs are drinking out of it, or you knock it over and have to clean a whole glass of water out of a shag rug.

So. Side tables. They’re important. But for some reason, our new living room was side-table-challenged. Like Goldilocks, positively nothing would work. We tried those ceramic garden stools everyone loves now. We tried my great-grandfather’s antique tables (which I’ve used in every house I’ve ever lived in). We tried poufs. We tried virtually every option at West Elm. Everything was getting in the way, impeding traffic flow, and generally standing out instead of fitting in.

What we finally ended up with was kind of a genius little number from Restoration Hardware.

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what i’m giving today: on the cheap!

that’s right – today’s guide is for the last-minute, budget-conscious shoppers among us.  whether you’re in desperate need of stocking stuffers, hanukkah gifts or just a quick, thoughtful idea that will preserve your credit balances, here are a few of my favorite ideas:

gifts from benefit cosmetics are such an easy, no-fail option for any girl on your list…and the price is always right.  plus, you can score free overnight shipping with code LASTGIFT, so you’ll have these in plenty of time.  i’m thoroughly addicted to their itty-bitty creaseless cream shadows ($19) – you truly can’t go wrong with any color, and these apply and last better than any i’ve tried.  but my personal favorite is their 24K sexy gold set, which is absolutely perfect for a new year’s eve date – the set includes a gorgeous gold lipstick, a light shimmer powder and a cute little gold clutch…all for $32 at your friendly neighborhood sephora.

olio united is one of my favorite local stores, and they happen to be offering free overnight shipping as well, so i can’t help sharing a little love.  if you didn’t buy anyone a set of TOMS from when we talked about them a while ago, consider a one-of-a-kind, handpainted pair designed by fab artists like amy ruppel and jill bliss.  all are marked down from $125 to $55, so for about the same price as a standard pair, you can score a pair that’s a work of art.  i also love these amazing little laser cut earrings ($15) made of the coolest foam matboard material, and don’t even get me started on their gorgeous notebooks and other paper goods – all perfect, creative last-minute gifts!

reusable shopping bags are all the rage right now, and these from rume are some of the prettiest and most functional i’ve seen.  each can be folded up and secured with a velcro strap, and the set of three can also be secured together with velcro.  plus, they’re stylish enough that i’ve taken to stowing one in my purse at all times for impulse buys.  tip:  these are also great to protect your designer handbag from sudden inclement weather.  order today, use code “holiday” and they’ll guarantee 12/24 arrival.  they run $30 for three, and i’m not at all above splitting up a set to give one to three different people!

and, when all else fails, my no-fail sources for last-minute gifts are old-school…everyone loves a retro classic.  so, i inevitably head to williams-sonoma and restoration hardware.  pick up an old-fashioned toy for the child in all of us at restoration hardware, or grab one of a dozen different overpriced-but-delicious treats at williams-sonoma.  who could say no to a canister of amazing hot chocolate (which also happens to make amazing fudge) or a wooly willy game?

happy procrastination shopping, everyone…we’re nearly done!

update:  for even more, quite possibly better ideas, check out the fantastic stocking stuffer gift guide from my lovely friends over at orangebeautiful!

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