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Last week, I told you all about the fun I had ordering my brand spanking new sofa. (Do I have to call it a sofa instead of a couch if it came from Inquiring minds…) And then I left you to spend the week guessing what I ordered. The only problem with that strategy? You had such great ideas, it had me second-guessing my pick! “Ooh, she’s right…the Bluebell in tweed would have been amazing!” Ah, the plight of the indecisive.

Despite all my waffling, I’m happy as a clam with my new sofa. Can I get a drumroll, please…..?

My sofa, via Shopping's My Cardio

Isn’t she lovely? Meet my new Saturday sofa in scrumptious cognac leather! I can’t get over how much I love this bad boy. Technically, this is kind of a trick answer, because on the website, the Saturday doesn’t look like it’s available in leather. But when I asked, they were all “Of course! We’ll make any ol’ couch you want in leather!” I briefly hesitated, because done badly, leather can lean a little ’90s bachelor pad, no? But oh, this is so, so not done badly. It’s squishy but structured, lived-in but not – the perfect blend of mild sophistication and nap-worthy coziness. Also, no back cushions! (I have what amounts to a phobia-grade distaste for them. Too much cushion-fluffing as a child or something.)

Initially, I was really, strongly leaning toward a couch with a chaise, but Hubs was having an existential crisis about something so permanent as a left- or right- leaning sofa (“But what if we move someday, and the chaise is on the wrong side in the new house?” The horror!). So, the team helpfully suggested that beautiful ottoman. Which, as it turns out, is exactly the same width as the sofa cushion, and it’s on casters. So, we pull it up when we want a chaise, and tuck it off to the side when we don’t. Win! ottoman GIF, via Shopping's My Cardio

(Honestly, I can’t decide if I love GIFs or if they just make me dizzy. What say you?)

Truly, friends, I can’t overstate how happy I am with this beauty. The construction is fantastic, right down to thoughtful details like velcro on the bottom cushions to keep them in place, and grommets to allow air to escape when you plunk your booty down for an Arrested Development marathon. And oh, the leather. This isn’t that plastic-y stuff you see in some furniture stores, friends. It’s like curling up on my favorite Michael Kors bag. Yes, I now have a couch that I occasionally pet.

Much like the mattress I ordered online, buying a sofa without testing it first can feel scary. All I can say is trust me, and do it. You’ll be so, so glad. If you’re on the East Coast, has a huge delivery area (from Philly to Boston, no joke!) and a pretty amazing return policy. And if you’re a Left Coaster…well, I’ll admit, the delivery’s a little pricey. But to get exactly the sofa I wanted, made impeccably and at an incredibly fair price? Totally worth it.

If you happen to be urgently in the market, they’re having a little Memorial Day soirée that’ll score you 10% off if you order over this weekend. Tell them I sent you…and ask for Katie, who’s offered to swap makeup tips with any of my friends while she doles out her sofa expertise.

Now, I’m dying to hear…what do you think of my new napping spot??

Big, huge bear hugs & thanks to for sponsoring this phase of my house makeover!

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