a day in paris with farah malik of a peace treaty

{Editor’s Note: While I’m off strolling down cobblestone streets, mainlining croissants and gelato, I’ve asked a few of my most stylish globetrotting friends to share what they’d be doing – and of course, what they’d be wearing – on a dream day abroad.} 

If I’m honest, Farah Malik is the motivation for this whole guest expert series. One half of the extraordinary team behind A Peace Treaty, Farah is exactly the person I think of when I imagine a bona fide jetsetter. She quite literally scours the globe on a regular basis, working with communities to support (and help restore) their ancient craft traditions, which are often on the verge of disappearing. A Peace Treaty works with local artisans to create handmade, unique accessories that the fashion world can’t snap up fast enough. Everyone wins – artisans continue their craft, communities flourish, and the rest of us are a little better-dressed. Talk about money well spent!

If anyone can take us on a true insider’s tour of Paris, it’s Farah. Enjoy the journey!



What to Wear:

My outfits tend to be all about the accessories, so I keep my clothes simple and classic. Wide and roomy pants that are comfortable but still chic, paired with a relaxed linen tee. For spring, I’d add a pair of chic sandals I can walk all day in. A perfectly broken-in denim jacket gives everything else you’re wearing a lived-in, relaxed quality. And of course, loads of A Peace Treaty accessories! I’d start with a bright scarf to add some color (more here and here), and plenty of jewelry! These little touches make every outfit more special, and make me feel at home wherever I am in the world.

What to Do:

Narrowing down my favorites in Paris to just a day seems impossible – there are so many wonderful ways to experience this beautiful city! The Canal St. Martin area is so cool and feels like Barcelona or Berlin. I’d start at my favorite bakery on the corner of rue de Marseilles and Rue Yve Toudic, then window-shop some of the boutiques on my way to Centre Commercial, a very cool shopping centre on the rue de Marseilles. Then, I’d walk along Rue Beaurepaire for lunch at Chez Prune, right on the Canal.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Montmartre. See the views from the cathedral, sit around in the cafés on Rue Abbesses, and be sure to head beyond and behind Sacré Coeur – it is the most peaceful walk, full of neighborhoods with great picnic spots and beautiful homes. If you have time, walk down the hill along Rue des Martyrs – it has a ton of adorable food shops, including Rose Bakery, a thoroughly charming English-themed café.

And of course, get lost in the Marais. Follow the narrow streets and you can pop in and out of the stores on the streets between Rue St. Antoine and Rue de Vielle Temple. Grab a drink at Café La Perle, enjoy the people-watching around Rue du Parc Royal, and don’t forget to stop at Merci, an amazing concept store with clothes, furniture, a bookstore and a café. It’s filled with beautiful Parisians and tons of inspiration. Next, wander through Marche des Enfants Rouges, an open air market like the food stalls in London. It is my favorite place to eat on a weekend. 

For bougie bohemian-watching, Rive Gauche is the place to go. Walk by the Sorbonne and other Lycées, sit on the steps of the Pantheon, stroll along Rue Jacob past the Ecole des Beaux Arts and through the Jardin du Luxembourg – all such great spots to wander and watch Parisians in their element. Finish with a stop at Café de Flore, which every guidebook and foreigner will tell you to go to. The whole experience can be a little over-the-top bourgeois, but still really fun to see – and their quiche and onion soup are amazing. 

Merci beaucoup, Farah! 

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