the five summer shoes you need (almost all under $100!)

Every year, as soon as summer hits, I look into my shoe closet and panic. The sandals I bought last year feel tired and overworked, and ever so slightly out of style…so, naturally, I start to shop. But lord, are there options this time of year! Inevitably, I get overwhelmed by the possibilities, and either end up with three times as many pairs as I need (and nowhere to store them), or I become paralyzed by indecision and end up with nothing. And then there’s the matter of every fashion magazine on the planet telling us to buy Birkenstocks and Tevas this season. Don’t get me started. (But seriously. Tevas?! Those French girls are laughing their chic little derrières off over this one, friends. I just know it.)

Instead of falling into old patterns, this year I took a step back (way, way back from the Birks) and thought about what a person actually needs to get through a summer. Casual day sandals, for kicking around. Dressy wedges to make a sundress work for the office (or a party) without getting your heels stuck in the grass. Metallic flat sandals to bridge the gap between the first two, so you can wear those maxi dresses to dinner or add some polish to a cotton skirt (also, metallics…such workhorses!). A pair of easy slip-ons – ballets always feel like “too much” to me when it’s hot out. And a broken-in, retro pair of sneakers – because really, nothing looks better with those boyfriend jeans.

That’s five, friends. Not too shabby, right? (Plus, of course, that towering pile of beach flipflops gathering dust in your closet.) Some of these, you’ll already have. But if you’re looking to fill in the gaps, I have a few suggestions – and because I have a severe allergy to splurging on summer shoes, most are well under the $100 mark:

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   01 | 02 | 03 / 04 | 05 | 06 / 07 | 08 | 09 / 10 | 11 | 12 / 13 | 14 | 15

A word about those black slides at number 03 – they’re handmade to order in Greece by this darling woman called Anna. She’ll make you just about anything you want – any color, size, with or without straps. They’re beautifully constructed, ridiculously comfortable, and they’re under $50. I’m making it a habit to buy a new pair from her every year (though honestly, the ones I bought last summer still look like new).

What do you think, friends? Did I miss anything? Just in case, a few more of my favorites this summer:

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