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more epice to love

why is it that every single time i see a scarf so beautiful it makes me gasp, it turns out to be by epice?  seriously…every. single. time.

Picture 11

oh, the colors, the dreamy oversized floral, the gauzy light-as-air cotton…sigh.

sadly, epice’s prices are increasing, as is inevitable when i find a brand i adore.  this one’s $225, which i realize is excessive.  but can you ever imagine a time in your life that this wouldn’t be an amazing addition to your ensemble? plus, epice scarves in any incarnation are tough to find in the states, so if you have the means, i strongly suggest nabbing this one from calypso while you can.

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sweet summer style

sometimes i find my strolls through blogland taking on a bit of a theme, and today’s revealed some seriously lovely summer frocks.  i couldn’t help but share!

(clockwise from top left) bubbleprint belt dress from satara fashion, 99 eur, via for me, for you; stewart + brown eva skirt from beklina, $105, after a hop and a skip from simple lovely; shireen eyelet dress from calypso-celle, $165 via black eiffel; B&B reservations dress from modcloth, $69, via feather.

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