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happy friday!

it’s finally here!  dear readers, i need a weekend something fierce, so thank goodness it’s arrived.  so what, you’ll ask, will i be doing with this wonderful weekend?  brace yourselves…it’s exciting:


making a mad dash to target (this may even be happening today), as i had completely forgotten their loomstate collection released this week.  the idea of getting organic cotton loomstate tees for $15 has me over the moon, even if i am a little miffed that most of the dresses in the collection would barely cover my bum.


finishing my copy of the cheap date guide to style – a style guide written by the editors of a fab alternative fashion mag in the UK (called, not surprisingly, “cheap date”).  i’m only halfway through, but i absolutely love their take on fashion from all angles, and their “fashion is whatever makes you feel happy” mantra.  loads of interviews with style icons, self-esteem-improving tips – every time i start to read this book, i feel compelled to throw my fist in the air in solidarity. 


testing out all of the fab samples i picked up at a kiehl’s earth day event on wednesday (celebrating the launch of celeb-designed bottles of their superbly restorative body lotion, for which 100% of the proceeds go to the waterkeeper alliance.  i was, admittedly, there for the free cookies.) – it will be a weekend of scrubs, gels, serums and general moisturizing goodness.

and maybe, if i’m really lucky, a cupcake.

have a wonderful weekend, all!

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