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earth day: the occasional environmentalist

Happy Earth Day, friends! (Or Earth Day, Observed, at least.) Since you know I’m all about living the green lifestyle, doing everything I can to curb excess waste and…

Yeah, not so much. You could look pretty hard before finding someone less environmentally-inclined than I am. If I’m honest, I barely recycle. I never carry those reuseable totes for grocery shopping (though I have about 967 of them spilling out of my hall closet). And last night, I put some old medications right in the garbage can. I know, I’m going straight to hell.

But. Every now and then, I see a little something I could do to be better. Nothing drastic, just a little nudge of environmental altruism, without going too far out of my way. And hey, in those rare instances, when I get to pat myself on the back for all the polar bears I’m saving? I’m totally an activist. Read on

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gorgeous green gems by christine mighion

well, would you look at the pretties that arrived in my inbox this morning?

Picture 13

gorgeous, aren’t they?  and not horribly expensive, by fine jewelry standards – prices top out around $650, but there’s quite a bit in the $300-400 range.  i’d never, in a million years, have guessed they’re also eco-friendly.  but i’m told it’s true: the designer uses only conflict-free gems and recycled 14k gold.  as you all know, i take my eco with a grain of salt, but with pieces this gorgeous, i get to be socially responsible and chic…my favorite!

plus, i happen to adore her use of rough-cut gems, which i often prefer to the polished variety.  personally, i’m jonesing for that gorgeous rough diamond pendant ($600) – i just can’t stop staring at it.  and those gold and garnet earrings ($285) would be the perfect everyday accent (ooh, as would these chocolate diamonds…yum!).  but i’ve been most in the market for a set of stacking rings, and hers are divine – though if santa’s asking, i’d build a custom set including that lovely teardrop ruby.

you can check out all of the beautiful baubles by this designer at her website.  if nothing else, she’s proof positive that green is indeed one of the prettiest shades you can wear.  don’t you agree?

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vegan chic from olsen haus

ever since i saw cameron diaz wearing these lovely sandals in the april vogue, i’ve been pretty obsessed with them – well, with the whole perfectly summer look, really.  and, since it’s the first pair of vegan shoes i’ve ever really fallen for, i figured this was a great chance to prove i actually can be eco-conscious sometimes (apparently, as long as it involves absolutely no sacrifice on my part).

photo courtesy vogue magazine, april 2009

it’s taken me this long to finally track down these sweet goliath sandals, but designer olsen haus finally has a website!  at $99, these are such a great, reasonable option for a chic sandal (if not quite a ‘cheap thrill’).  i absolutely love the blend of black and tan leather stacked on the vamp, and the geometry of the ankle straps.  it’s definitely one of my favorite sandals of the season.

if you’re one of my eco-friendly readers, olsen haus is definitely a go-to for chic vegan styles.  they have a few great options ahead for fall too (though some are a bit over the top, i have to admit).  but i love this blue faux-suede pump and, naturally, this magenta flat.

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random friday finds: flip & tumble

i’m sort of enjoying the “random friday” thing…how about you?  hope you don’t mind the mental detours!


this week, i have to show off this new reusable bag i got from flip & tumble recently.  i know…another reusable bag.  but i have literally had people stop me on the street asking about this cutie, and now it’s the only one i’ll use!  they come in a rainbow of colors, only have a single strap (much more chic), and ball up perfectly in mere seconds into the itty-bitty, sewn-in stretchy ball cover. plus, they’re so cute!  i carry one in my purse religiously now, so – wonder of wonders – i actually have a reusable bag with me now when i want one for last-minute purchases (ahem, or protecting my pricier bags from the rain when i get caught in a summer shower. yes, i’m an environmental wonder, i know).

at $9 (less if you buy more), they’re less than you’re paying for those canvas totes you have lying all over the house, and these are so much cuter (not to mention easier to stash).  and have i mentioned how cute they are?  grab a stack at flip & tumble‘s website…definitely a fun friday indulgence.

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happy friday!

it’s finally here!  dear readers, i need a weekend something fierce, so thank goodness it’s arrived.  so what, you’ll ask, will i be doing with this wonderful weekend?  brace yourselves…it’s exciting:


making a mad dash to target (this may even be happening today), as i had completely forgotten their loomstate collection released this week.  the idea of getting organic cotton loomstate tees for $15 has me over the moon, even if i am a little miffed that most of the dresses in the collection would barely cover my bum.


finishing my copy of the cheap date guide to style – a style guide written by the editors of a fab alternative fashion mag in the UK (called, not surprisingly, “cheap date”).  i’m only halfway through, but i absolutely love their take on fashion from all angles, and their “fashion is whatever makes you feel happy” mantra.  loads of interviews with style icons, self-esteem-improving tips – every time i start to read this book, i feel compelled to throw my fist in the air in solidarity. 


testing out all of the fab samples i picked up at a kiehl’s earth day event on wednesday (celebrating the launch of celeb-designed bottles of their superbly restorative body lotion, for which 100% of the proceeds go to the waterkeeper alliance.  i was, admittedly, there for the free cookies.) – it will be a weekend of scrubs, gels, serums and general moisturizing goodness.

and maybe, if i’m really lucky, a cupcake.

have a wonderful weekend, all!

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lazy green for earth day

(photo by blissful images – the perfect earth day purchase, don’t you think?)

i think most people that know me would agree i’m not the most green person you’ll ever meet.  i refuse to cancel my catalog subscriptions, i can’t be bothered to sort my glass from my plastics, and it’s maybe one time out of ten that i remember to bring those reuseable bags into the market.

but i’m never one to ignore a holiday, especially when there are deals to be had!  so, here are a few of my favorite ways for you to go green with minimal effort this earth day:

terra collection:  our much-loved sponsor’s decadent organic cotton tees are 50% off for the rest of the week, in celebration of earth day.  use code “earthlove” at checkout, and stock up!  every one is beautifully embroidered, pro-planet, and each purchase means a 15% discount to an earth-loving charity.  

suki hair:  i was browsing the aisles of my neighborhood whole foods the other day and saw that my favorite green beauty line, suki, has released a shampoo and conditioner!  naturally, i had to try them immediately.  if you’re not afraid of low-lather shampoo (it’s never bothered me…), this stuff is fantastic!  it smells as wonderful as their lemongrass cleanser that i can’t get enough of, it left my hair so much more moisturized than it normally is, and just generally is making me happy.  plus, it’s vegan – so my northwest cred is intact.

rume bags:  i get a reuseable tote maybe once a week these days…it seems almost impossible to avoid.  but the ones that actually make it into the store are my rume bags, every time.  and when they do, customers and baggers alike compliment them.  they’re huge, have a flat bottom, hold an unbelievable amount of stuff, and are actually pretty cute for grocery bags.  plus, i do love the velcro fold-up thing…very handy.  get 20% off sitewide today with code EARTH.

so, happy earth day, readers – how will you be celebrating?  i hope you’ll recycle a glass bottle for me!

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deal of the day: 50% off at doie designs!


some people love a parade, but i love a sale.  so when the lovely folks over at doie designs emailed to let me know they were offering a coupon code for 50% off their entire site (yes, even sale prices) in an effort to clean house, i was first in line to check it out.

for those of you that are into the eco-fashion trend, doie is definitely the place to be.  we’ve talked about doie before, but as a refresher, pieces are made from either earth-friendly bamboo jersey or pure silk.  for me, the silk/jersey combo just means each piece is light, comfy, and amazingly soft…i know, my commitment to the environment is astounding.

the site is organized by season, which means no direct links, i’m afraid.  but i’ll be picking up the kimono robe from spring ’07 (left pic) in chocolate brown, which has that perfect blend of sexy and comfy and is now under $50.  i’ve been coveting the all-silk pulau top (center pic) from her spring ’08 collection since i first spied it – and now that it’s down to $55, i may just have to take the plunge. 

and, for my newly pregnant friend M, i feel duty-bound to point out the pesar and ubud dresses from spring ’08, as well as that lovely nagameru dress (right pic), all of which would be perfect belly-camouflage options.  ooh, and the gaucho pants from spring ’07 – the length is great for lounging, and the tie at the belly will keep these working perfectly until the weather cools off.

use code DAILY08 to score this deal.  and as always, get there early before the best goods are gone!

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what i want today: ekobo kitchenware

i’m in the process of decorating an entire house (in fact, stay tuned for a design week coming up soon!). let me tell you – it’s not as fun as it sounds. there are so many choices out there, and i find something new i want every single day. i think decorating doesn’t mesh with someone who spends her days shopping online, as you really need to have made a final decision when you order a $3,000 custom couch.

so, i’m reveling in the indecision and overbuying that comes with the territory in the “home accessories” world. items like these stunning (and, might i add, environmentally sound) kitchen accessories by ekobo, rock my design world without stripping my wallet.

the gorgeous bright lacquers make these the perfect showstopper for any dining table, but also make them incredibly functional. i love the teardrop-shaped “tempo” platter ($48), which is a perfect design for passing appetizers – not enough platters have edging, to save your perfect mini-quiches from the dreaded plate slide. or the gorgeous “sumo” bowl ($125), that has a fabulous, modern shape, but retains those thoughtful details, like the highly useful handles.

check out the entire line at ekobo’s website, but hit up the conran shop to buy a few selected items. you might even be able to order in your favorite – it’s always worth asking!

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