deal of the day: 50% off at doie designs!


some people love a parade, but i love a sale.  so when the lovely folks over at doie designs emailed to let me know they were offering a coupon code for 50% off their entire site (yes, even sale prices) in an effort to clean house, i was first in line to check it out.

for those of you that are into the eco-fashion trend, doie is definitely the place to be.  we’ve talked about doie before, but as a refresher, pieces are made from either earth-friendly bamboo jersey or pure silk.  for me, the silk/jersey combo just means each piece is light, comfy, and amazingly soft…i know, my commitment to the environment is astounding.

the site is organized by season, which means no direct links, i’m afraid.  but i’ll be picking up the kimono robe from spring ’07 (left pic) in chocolate brown, which has that perfect blend of sexy and comfy and is now under $50.  i’ve been coveting the all-silk pulau top (center pic) from her spring ’08 collection since i first spied it – and now that it’s down to $55, i may just have to take the plunge. 

and, for my newly pregnant friend M, i feel duty-bound to point out the pesar and ubud dresses from spring ’08, as well as that lovely nagameru dress (right pic), all of which would be perfect belly-camouflage options.  ooh, and the gaucho pants from spring ’07 – the length is great for lounging, and the tie at the belly will keep these working perfectly until the weather cools off.

use code DAILY08 to score this deal.  and as always, get there early before the best goods are gone!

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5 comments on “deal of the day: 50% off at doie designs!

  1. Always In Style

    Oh no — what are you doing to me with this absolutely gorgeous deliciousness?!

    So funny that you do this post about eco fabrics…just got my first order from Nation Ltd which is similar and I am so in love I’m obsessed with amassing as many comfy t-shirty type things as I can possibly jam into my tiny NYC apt.

    Please tell me this isn’t a one day deal…I need to recover a little bit from my Nation binge!

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    always in style – as far as i know, the sale’s good indefinitely (or, more likely, until the fall stuff hits the website). so, as long as what you want doesn’t end up in someone else’s closet, i totally understand the urge to save a bit!

    would love to see what you got from nation!

  3. Always In Style

    Sweet – thanks!

    Actually, I broke down last night and bought a couple of cute dresses but I’ve got them on my radar for a few more pieces.

    Thanks again for posting about this lovely brand!

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