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weekend forecast

Hey, remember when I used to do these Weekend Forecasts every week? Those were good times. But hey, it’s back for today – and we should really be living in the now, not wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with my Fridays for the last two months. Right? Right. So, here’s what I’m up to this weekend:

giraffe by karen knorr, via shopping's my cardio

Photo from “Fables” by Karen Knorr (definitely view the full series, right here)
  • Fostering quite possibly the cutest dog alive (not counting my Daisy, of course, who is above all comparison), and doing my best to find him a home before my hubs falls in love with him. I’m telling you, friends: rescue dogs are where it’s at. 
  • Reallyreally wanting this necklace from Alexis Russell’s new collection, which somehow manages to be dainty, edgy and original all at once. I love the oxidized silver against the rose gold chain, and the way she’s strung the chain up above the diamond bar.
  • Developing a new music obsession with Fitz and the Tantrums – it began when I heard the band name, which is maybe the second-best band name of all time (a Tom Petty cover band called “Petty Theft” gets the #1 spot), but then I heard the album, and yeah. It’s pretty well impossible to be in a bad mood while this thing’s playing, which means it’s on a lot at my house.
  • Being slightly less annoyed by all things Miley Cyrus after seeing her cover of “Jolene”. (BTW, did you know Dolly Parton is her godmother? Just full of random trivia, I am.)
  • (Im)patiently waiting for my shipment from Abe’s Market to arrive – the girls at Of A Kind convinced me I had to try these cocoa-dusted almonds, and I’m on pins and needles.
  • Falling even more in hetero-girl-crush love with Kim France after reading her article about taking a bad experience and finding the nuggets of good in it. I too have had that awful fired-from-my-dream-job-in-dramatic-fashion moment, and I too thought my world would cave in. Perspective, it’s what’s for dinner.

And if that’s not enough, I’m scouting V-Day gift ideas for next week’s gift guide – which will, as usual, be mostly about things you should buy yourself on Valentine’s Day.

What’s on tap for your weekend, friends?

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