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passing the buck


(image from mankind magazine)

dear readers, i’ve had a long, tiring weekend…and i need a bit of a break today.  but, you still deserve something pretty to look at, i think.  so, i thought i’d pass along a few links i’ve been meaning to share…and you can just imagine the editorializing i’d do on each one!

*  i’m obsessed with the fresh, parisian vibe at saint james – not a trendy piece to be found, but loads of classic, chic items i’d love to have in my closet.  the site’s a little hard to surf, but worth the effort – make sure you check out the classic collection and the seasonal stuff!

*  the new collection of brazilian products at the moma store is outstanding – so modern and unique.  check out the whole grouping, but don’t miss my favorite:  the city bangles.

*  and if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the first issue of mankind magazine – buy it online for $1.99 (it’s an e-mag).  positively beautiful photography, and impeccably edited by the woman behind designformankind.com, it’s the best $2 you’ll spend all week.

i hope you enjoy this little peek at my bookmarks folder, and i’ll be back tomorrow in a much better mood!

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