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in jewelry-related news…

Apropos of nothing, I have two lovely jewelry-related things to tell you today, friends.

First, remember that today’s the last day to nab those two beautiful Alicia Marilyn bracelets and see 20% of the proceeds go to a very deserving nonprofit that helps furry little farm animals. (Sorry, I can’t resist a little guilt…it’s a genetic imperative).

Alicia Marilyn Designs, via shopping's my cardio

Second, you simply have to see the new collection of vintage jewels for sale over at Elva Fields. She makes the most divine vintage-inspired original pieces (in fact, they’re so good that she’s a featured designer at Anthropologie now!), so it’s no surprise she has a fantastic eye for vintage finds. This new trove is fantastic news for me, as I’ve always wanted to be a vintage jewelry collector, but have no patience for sifting through mounds of eyesores to find one gem (I’m talking to you, Etsy). Better still, everything’s incredibly affordable, so you’ll get plenty of bling for your buck.

Elva Fields, Vintage Jewelry, vintage bracelet, vintage necklace

Could someone please buy that amazing crystal panther bangle before my resolve wears down?

Since I’m clearly on a jewelry kick this week (wait, when am I not?), have you seen anything new and gorgeous I should know about? Tell me all about it…I’m itching for some new bling!

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