cheap thrills: summer skirt

we’re long overdue for a cheap thrill, don’t you think?

quick fashion confession: i hate shorts. sure, i have a couple of pairs lying around. but i just never love the way they fit. so, in the summer, it’s skirts and dresses all the time. if nothing else, it’s a good reminder to be more ladylike…nothing reminds you to cross your ankles and bend at the knees 😉

i find myself checking out the selection at skirt spot periodically, and wanting them to get just a bit more fashion-forward, because the style options are endless and the prices are fantastic. looks like they’ve finally granted my wish! i absolutely love this two-tone pleated skirt, and it’s definitely a cheap thrill at $44.

alone, i realize it’s as preppy as it gets, but bear with me. throw on a colored tank and a contrasting menswear vest, add a cute little sandal, and you’ve got a darling summer-friendly look.

just remember: this is one of those ensembles that gets its chic by mixing things up – keep it anything but matchy-matchy, and you’re set!

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2 comments on “cheap thrills: summer skirt

  1. Cupcakes and Cashmere

    wow, i can’t believe that two-toned skirt is so affordable. great find!

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