SMC how-to: the poor man’s pedicure

it’s hard to believe, but there was once a time i was completely convinced there was no reason to get a professional pedicure. thankfully, those days are well behind me – now, i’m about as high-maintenance as a girl can get.

however, the reality is that sometimes we need a little DIY action…maybe an event is coming up and you can’t get to the spa, or maybe you just look down at your toes one day and realize you can’t possibly leave your house wearing those gorgeous peep toes, because everyone will be doing just that…peeping at your less-than-perfect pedi.

fortunately, i’ve unearthed a few products that make the DIY version simple, seamless and – my favorite – quick.

first things first, the hardware: i just got the most perfect thing in the mail – it’s a summer staple if there ever was one. it’s a 10-piece pedicure kit from kiss that comes complete with literally everything you’ll need for perfect summer toes. pumice stone, scrubber, clippers, cuticle pusher (the good, metal version) and nipper, buffer, and even toe separators for the polish. for $9.99 – seriously, that has to be the ultimate cheap thrill.

now, my pedi solution is cheap and dirty – after i remove my old polish, i just sand my toes down with a sugar scrub in the shower…that’ll get you close enough, especially if you’re not hunkering down for serious cuticle time. i happen to completely adore this version by airplus – and their foot lotion is literally the only thing that heals my heels after months of sandals.

i think everyone knows the sand/cut/file/buff routine, so i’m going to skip that and get to the polish. traditionalists will run for the OPI, and with good reason – i do love the staying power, and the colors are lovely. but i just tried out a new polish by bourjois that may have surpassed my OPI obsession. i love it because it’s infused with vinyl, if you can imagine. translation: it dries superfast, and sticks without chipping like nobody’s business. plus, what their color selection lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality. their rose vamp is the ultimate hot pink for hot days, and rose escarpin may just be the elusive ‘perfect red’. definitely a toe must-buy.

so, start with some OPI nail envy, slap on that bourjois polish (remember the toe separators…that’ll save oh-so-much time in touchups alone), and top it off with sally hansen’s hard as nails, and you’ll be sandal-worthy in no time!

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