friday finds: olympic edition

For the first time in my life, I officially have Olympic fever! I’ve been watching the coverage (and dodging news about results) all week, and am absolutely loving the Games this year. So, I thought I’d add a little global flair to this week’s Finds. If nothing else, the Olympics is a great reminder that we’re not nearly as far apart as we sometimes imagine.

I have to start in London, obviously. One of my favorite British designers, Another Studio, has come up with yet another genius idea (remember her PostCardens?). It’s MONUmini, a flat model kit that transforms into a mini 3D steel model of one of several London landmarks – including my favorite, the Tower Bridge. Olympic Rings sold separately.

Tower Bridge model, Another Studio, $23

I bought the sweetest little clutch/carryall pouch last week at Beam and Anchor, and didn’t think much about its origin at the time. Turns out, it’s made by a collective of skilled women scattered around the globe, weaving with traditional methods and being paid a fair wage. Now that I know I’m doing a good deed by buying, I have to figure out which of their goodies to order next.

Zigzag clutch, Proud Mary, $28 – or you can find my pink version at Spartan, Beam & Anchor’s sister shop

Next, we’ll head East to Uganda (via Portland, if you can believe it). I met the most fantastic person last weekend: Liz, who created Sseko Designs with her husband. Not only are these sandals completely genius (one pair you can wear dozens of ways!), but they’re made by some very talented women in Uganda. I am dying to get my hands on a pair, if only so I can try making it through my next beach trip with just one pair of shoes in my bag.

Sandals (yep, that’s all the same pair!), Sseko Designs, starting at $48

And of course, I have to end up at the good ol’ US of A. But I’m going all political on you. I’ve been meaning to show you this fantastic collection of Obama tees designed by some of the best designers in the country – genius, if you ask me. I’ve worn my fair share of political garb in my day, and these take the patriotic cake!

Runway to Win, Obama 2012, starting at $55

I’ve been unbelievably negligent on Pinterest this week, but this photo of those gorgeous Olympic Rings headed for their spot on the Tower Bridge is pretty amazing. I only wish I knew the source. If you do, please share.

More photos of the rings on the Thames right here

That’s it for me! Have a great weekend, everyone…see you back here next week!

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