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Welcome to the weekend, friends! I fully planned on taking today off (really, it’s the last week of August…are any of us paying attention right now anyway?), but there was just too much to tell you.

First up, I’m on a boat! I’m in a book! I know, can you believe it? Me neither. But the amazing ladies at CRAVE deemed me worthy, so there I am. I went to the (extremely chic) launch party last night, and saw the book for the first time – it’s a stunner. If you live in Portland, want to visit Portland, or just want to know about a bevy of amazingly talented women who live here (plus me), check out their website to snag a copy.

I’m having a pretty serious Chanel affliction at present (wait…when am I not?). I’m a little late to the game showing you these pre-Fall ads from the house (pre-fall is so July, you know), but I can’t resist. It’s one of my favorite collections of all time – every model looks like a Russian princess. More of these beauties over at my Pinterest page…come visit!

In other very exciting news, Loeffler Randall is on MyHabit today. What else can I possibly say about that, except go…go now.

Speaking of deals, I spotted one of my favorite albums of the summer on Amazon’s $5 list today. If you don’t know Ellie Goulding yet, buy this – something tells me you’ll love it. And maybe Madonna’s Like A Prayer, if you’re one of the six people on the planet (besides me) that doesn’t own it.

That’s it, friends. I hope you have a fantastic weekend in store. I’m taking a train ride with the hubs, my BFF and her adorable son – can’t wait to see his little face get all excited! And, I’ll be playing around with some beads I bought on Etsy last week during a random crafty spree. I’m hoping to build a little something like this or this…I’ll keep you posted.

What do you have planned?

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5 comments on “friday finds

  1. Aleya Bamdad

    Congrats on being in the book. That’s an amazing accomplishment. The Chanel ads are beautiful but I feel like we’ve seen similar ones from them a few years back (with that model Linda Evangelista, I think).

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Thanks so much, you lovely ladies!

    Aleya, I wonder if you’re thinking of some other model…Linda hasn’t done Chanel for the longest time! In any case, I still just love those photos – so stunning!

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