a sartorial pickle (also, welcome back!)

Friends, I’m back! I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer, whatever you’ve been up to. My break wasn’t quite as meditative and relaxing as I might have hoped, but the work I got done made me feel more productive and happy than I’ve been in ages. One sweet client is in the process of opening a brand new store, another revamped her entire online presence, and I got to roll up my sleeves and help them make those dreams a reality. Not a bad way to spend the summer, if you ask me.

I also took a little trip to Portland, which I’ll be telling you all about before long. I’ve missed the Rose City so very much, and spending a few days traipsing around old haunts was just what the doctor ordered.

Despite the fact that 80-degree temperatures just won’t quit in CA, I’m also intent on rebuilding my wardrobe for fall. But I’m in one of those phases when every single thing in my closet just bores me to tears. Do you ever have those seasons? The idea of going back to my same-old arsenal of dark-wash skinny jeans and Tucker tunics…it’s bumming me out, friends. And the sad truth is that none of the fall trends are doing it for me either. Maybe it’s a sign of age (I did get another year older last week), but nothing I’m seeing for fall feels fresh or original – it’s all the same old thing from five, or seven, or ten years ago. As Cathy Horyn so bluntly put it, “We may have run out of ideas.” (That article is well worth a read, by the way.)

Clearly, I’m in a serious style slump. And given my new rule about only buying things I really love, it’s put me in a bit of a sartorial pickle. So for now, I’m biding my time, and making a list of the things I wish would present themselves, in the hopes that they’ll manifest in front of me, à la The Secret or Field of Dreams.


New Jeans: By which I mean something genuinely original. Please god, no more skinnies! I’m pining for something that piques my interest, that makes me say “Now that is completely different from anything else I have in my closet.” It’s a tall order. But I’ve finally seen a few options that just might do the trick – MiH, alice + olivia and Marc by Marc Jacobs all came out with these structured boot cuts in faded washes that are definitely giving me reason to hope. Now if I can just swallow the fact that somehow denim prices have gone up even more. (Seriously, can we all stage a coup or something? $250 for denim just feels wrong.)


The Perfect Coat: This is nothing new – I mean, this is the quest every fall, right? This year, Western wear and ponchos seem to be everywhere, but I honestly just can’t bring myself to do it yet. A blanket coat feels like a solid middle ground I’m willing to consider…particularly if it’s warm and snuggly, and not unlike wearing my robe outside (which, since it’s a pretty cute robe, is not entirely out of the question).


Shoes: I’m suffering from a serious case of ballet flat fatigue, and the fact that I’m having some sort of crazy nerve pain in my foot isn’t helping matters. I literally looked in my shoe closet last week and rolled my eyes. Friends, it’s so bad that I recently tried clogs. (Don’t worry. They went back immediately.) I need something shiny and new, something that will get me excited about the season ahead. I recently picked up these Loeffler Randall flats, and they’re a much-needed breath of fresh air. As are these AGL cap toe smoking loafers – yes, you all finally convinced me to succumb to AGL – which, I promise you, are infinitely cuter on. And I may finally succumb to the slip-on sneaker trend, disposable as it is. If I have the option of spending a season or two sporting comfy shoes and being in style, I’m going to take it.


Sweaters: Ordinarily, this is when I start pining for the bottom drawers in my dresser – those yummy cashmere sweaters that are just waiting for me to start showing them some love again. But this year, it’s all feeling like there’s just too much there there. I may need to do a massive sweater purge and pare down to a few beloved classics. The only pieces I’ve seen that really ring my bell so far are from Inhabit, who just never gets it wrong. I may or may not have ordered half of their fall collection already, so stay tuned for more about that.

What about you, friends? What are you jonesing for this fall? I’d love a little inspiration!

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6 comments on “a sartorial pickle (also, welcome back!)

  1. Vanessa

    YAY YOU’RE BACK!! And Happy Birthday!!

    I know what you mean about feeling sort of… uninspired about shopping lately. The only new things I’ve bought for fall are loafers, boots and a couple of swimsuits (go figure). Have you ever thought about learning to sew?

    After my birthday a couple of months ago I dug my sewing machine out of storage and signed up for some serious sewing classes. If I want well-made clothing in classic shapes and quality fabric, well, I’m going to try to make them myself. It helps me build my wardrobe slowly, because I want each thing to be PERFECT (and I wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house in something that looks homemade). In fact, I just bought this Liberty of London fabric to make a sleeveless blouse – something I can wear to work with a cardigan or on the weekend with jeans. It gives me a new perspective on my clothes – how was this constructed? how are the seams finished? could it be tweaked to fit me better? is it worth what I paid for it?Plus, I’m the most excited I’ve been about new clothes in a long time. You should think about trying it out!

  2. DL

    Hooray! So glad you’re back 🙂

    I too am feeling a huge slump in my wardrobe but maybe that’s more due to the fact that I’m almost 4.5 weeks postpartum and haven’t worn normal human non-maternity clothes in months. Everything I already own seems new (and hopefully will eventually fit again…). Sigh.

    Haha – glad you’ve climbed aboard the AGL wagon 🙂 Those loafers are cute – and most of all, aren’t they so comfortable?!

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Vanessa: Can’t tell you how much I love this plan – and that fabric! I’ve always secretly harbored dreams of becoming a fantastic sewer, butI’m going to blame a lack of available space at present. Until I launch my first collection, sounds like I can send my sketches your way? 😉 (PS – thank you for the warm welcome back!)

    DL: If I were 4 weeks post-partum, I’d be living in caftans, and anyone who didn’t like it could take a hike. But I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about. And yes, you were right about the AGLs…of course. 😉

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