what i’m wearing: shades of grey

Until fall’s in full swing, I’m doing my best to straddle the seasons by adding a few doses of grey to my usual warm-weather wardrobe. Dark charcoal feels like a bit much while the sun’s still beating down on me, but paler shades are the perfect transitional hue. Plus, they play as well with pastels as they do with black, so they’re worthy investments that will see you through the coming months in plenty of style.

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1. Cape jeans in Blade, MiH / 2. Tender heart mini studs, Christy Natsumi / 3. Box Dress, H. Fredrikkson / 4. Ryan tee, Everlane / 5. Boatneck cable knit sweater, Madewell / 6. Teddy coat, Ganni / 7. Petty boots, Sam Edelman / 8. Bowdoin clutch, Hayden-Harnett

While most of these are squarely in the “want” column on my list, I should tell you that I actually do own those beautiful Tender Heart mini studs by Christy Natsumi. And friends, they are infinitely more awesome in person, if such a thing is possible. Tinier than you can imagine, and doing an absolutely perfect job of walking that preppy/edgy tightrope I’m always talking about. Definitely worth adding to your arsenal!

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